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Discover your game plan

Our character forges our destiny, and our destiny exercises its influence, even when we may be totally unaware.

Why do we do what we do? What makes us think the way we do? Your life is not by accident, you have a destiny, one that only you can fulfil. 

We're here to help you set your game plan.

How to play

You already know what your game plan is, what job/industry you're heading for, and what skills you need to get there so you’re ready to start the game!  

Step 1
Go to the jobs map to browse our study options.

Step 2
Head to course details and information on how to apply.

You may have no idea what your end game is and need some clues (based on your passion and personality type) to point you in the right direction, to a career that will satisfy your needs and suit your lifestyle.

Step 1
Choose your player (most suited to you) to view courses that match your profile, or
Check out a range of end games on our jobs map.

Step 2
If you're still unsure about which player, career or industry to choose, make an appointment with our Jobs & Skills Centre for free advice.  

Step 3
Apply online (by deadline) to secure your place in the game.

Choose your player

Social justice. That’s what you wish to see in our community. You want others to have the best life they possibly can; whether it’s improving their health, caring for them in a time of need, or making sure they reach their full potential.

Maybe you just want to pay forward the opportunities you got.

You care, you are the epitome of a people-person - one our community so desperately needs. 

You are well-travelled or have a rich cultural history with the nous of knowing what being on-trend looks and feels like. You don’t just have your finger on the pulse, you are the pulse.

Whether it’s supplying innovative solutions to the big movements or popularizing something that’s been done before by making it look, sound or taste amazing, you pave your own way in this world and others follow.

Your life has purpose, and you know exactly where you need to be. It could be the big end of town; or maybe the Paris end. A latte at your call, you stride with confidence through the city buzz, your head held high, and your ambitions higher.  

Every team needs a leader; someone to stamp their authority, motivate and influence others, and make the hard decisions to get the job done.

You see the world as a chaotic place, and it is your job to use precision and accuracy to put it in order (usually with digital technology).

You are a deep-thinking, analytical individual whose observational skills and attention to detail makes you the ultimate puzzle solver.

You’re not big on socialising, but when it comes to a specialised subject or activity that you’re an expert in, your excessive enthusiasm and unrivalled knowledge makes you uncomfortably popular. 

We only have one planet and you’ve made it your mission to look after it. You’ve done the theory, research and intellectual inquiry. Now you’re ready to use your love of science, technology and earth, to come up with insightful solutions to the big problems.

The world needs people like you who care about the environment to advocate for long-overdue change and strike the right balance between economic development and social responsibility. 

You want to make stuff, fix stuff, pull it apart to see what it does, then put it all back together again.

You’re resourceful and practical, a person of action and good with your hands. You love showing off your skills and creativity and you get a real kick out of seeing your hard work pay off for the benefit of others. You despise the thought of being chained to a desk and enjoy working outside in the big, bad world with a team of like-minded go-getters.         

End game jobs map

Check out a range of end games on our jobs map.
Select any of the pins on the map to find out more about our associated study areas.

End game jobs map (2 MB) (PDF document)