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Mining industry

Supporting the WA mining industry

North Metropolitan TAFE services the WA mining industry, which has created $88 billion in total sales value, from approximately 45% of Australia’s 400 mines.*

As such, the mining sector holds a significant value to the state in terms of employment and economic opportunity. Given the mining industry’s significance to the State’s economy, North Metropolitan TAFE works with industry to ensure the provision of a skilled labour force and with enterprises to assist with workforce development.

In 2017, 46% of the mining sector workforce was vocationally trained. VET qualifications are not just supplying entry-level workers and apprentices into the mining sector, but VET skills sets and advanced qualifications are providing the transformative knowledge and skills for promotion; implementation of new technologies; cross-skilling of experienced workers and the development of leadership and management skills to underpin career progression.

* Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety - Resource statistics > Latest statistics release(opens in a new tab)



Benita Brown - this deadly woman in mining tells her story of how a Diploma of Surface Operations Management at NMTAFE is shaping her career. 

Our expertise

Industry 4.0 and global megatrends are transforming our workplaces. We work with the Department of Training and Workforce Development, Industry Training Councils and other peak bodies to identify the evolving new technologies and skills needed to ensure that our curriculum and training strategies keep pace with innovations in the WA mining sector. 

Our services include:

  • Training needs analysis and workforce development planning
  • Nationally recognised qualifications, units or skills sets
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and verification of competencies
  • Training delivered in the workplace, onsite or at one of our campuses.

Our facilities

North Metropolitan TAFE is the largest resources trainer in WA, offering the state’s most comprehensive, industry-targeted training.

With qualifications covering drilling operations, mining exploration and resource processing. our specialised facilities cater for surveying, geology, metallurgy, environmental management, induction training and automation, to name a few.

CUT Mine

Our CUT Mine is a unique simulated underground mine which has been used by students in surveying, geological assistant skill sets, mining exploration to gain exposure to a real underground mine environment, prior to site mobilisation.

The CUT Mine has also been used by industry for mine induction training and mines emergency rescue competition.

Mobile Mine

The success of the CUT Mine has led NMTAFE to develop the Mobile Mine. Through augmented reality, visitors will have an unforgettable ‘underground’ experience learning how the latest technology is being used in the mining sector.

Mining Training Centre

This centre uses industry standard equipment and facilities to provide specialised training in mining exploration, mineral processing, geology, and gold assaying.

The centre has a core yard where up and coming field assistants or pit technicians can interpret the rock characteristics of drill core.

It also has a fire assay laboratory where students can learn how to analyse gold or any of the base metals from a mineral sample.

For those interested in careers in exploration or minerals drilling, there is a 4-wheel drive training and maintenance facility.

Green Skills Training Centre

This campus is home to a $17m Green Skills Training Centre which promotes sustainable practices and skills in engineering and construction, building and design, and specialised trades with a focus on renewable energy, biotechnology, water operations and environmental management.

Metals and Engineering

This campus features a specialist metals and engineering centre, built to ensure a focus on new technologies and the integration of these technologies across traditional trade and industry sectors. Students learn high speed, high precision operations in a safe environment on a range of various programmable automated equipment. They’re exposed to up-to-date computer controlled machining technology and they’ll gain skills in industrial robotics and component design using current industry standard computer-aided design.

We are also an industry leader in delivery of fluid power training.

For this job, what course should I do?

Job titles
  • Electronic Instrument trades workers
  • Instrumentation technicians

Set up, adjustment and tuning of control loops.

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Job titles
  • Surveying technician
  • Spatial Science technician
  • GIS technician
  • Surveying assistant

Perform routine tasks to assist Surveyors and Geologists by transporting, assembling, maintaining and laying out prospecting and surveying equipment, collecting and labelling samples, and collecting and evaluating survey data and preparing maps and plans.

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Job titles
  • Laboratory technician
  • Chemistry technician
  • Instrument operator
  • Sampler and tester

Recording and measurement of results, assisting in collecting and preparing of samples, planning and conducting laboratory/field work, maintaining a laboratory, routine sampling and testing, recording data, and using laboratory computing programs and application software.

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Job titles
  • Electrical fitter
  • Switchgear tradesperson
  • Electronic instrument technician
  • Industrial measurement and control technician
  • Electronic engineering technician

Manufacture, fit, assemble, erect, operate, test, fault find, alter, and repair electrical equipment.

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Job titles
  • Pit or underground technician
  • Drilling offsider
  • Geological field assistant

Collect and analyse geological samples, record information .
Basic vehicle maintenance, mining computing, first aid and mining methods.

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Job titles
  • Miner
  • Mining plant operator

Foundation work as an operator on sites such as a quarry or an open cut metalliferous mine, undertaking prescribed tasks involving known routines and procedures, and taking some responsibility for the quality of work outcomes.

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Job titles
  • Driller| Miner
  • Production operator
  • Drilling plant operator
  • Mining plant operator
  • Shot firer

Assemble, position and operate drilling rigs and mining plant, and detonate explosives to extract materials from the earth and demolish structures.

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Job titles
  • Production manager (Mining)
  • Mine manager
  • Mine superintendent
  • Quarry manager

Lead and supervise operations involved in the extraction of materials in an open cut mine.

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Job titles
  • Mining support worker
  • Process operator (Mineral processing)
  • Processing plant attendant (Extractive industries)
  • Mineral processing technician
  • Process operator (Mineral processing)

Perform routine tasks in mining and mineral ore treating operations, such as assembling, operating and dismantling mining equipment, taking ore, rock and dust samples, and mixing ore treating chemicals and catalysts. 

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Job titles
  • Boilermaker
  • Welder
  • Fabricator
  • Pressure Welder
  • Welder (First Class) 
  • Sheetmetal Patternmaker
  • 1st Class Sheet Metal Worker

Create and work with metal fabrications, using workshop tools and equipment and various welding techniques.

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Job titles
  • Metal machinist
  • Machinist (first class)
  • Machinist CNC
  • Fitter-Machinist
  • Fitter-Welder
  • Fitter and turner 
  • Plant mechanic

Fit and assemble fabricated metal parts into products, operate machining tools to shape metal stock and castings to fine tolerances, using detailed drawings and specifications.

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Job titles
  • Mechanical Engineering draftpersons and technicians
  • Civil Engineering draftpersons and technicians

Assist in mechanical and civil engineering research, design, manufacture, construction, operation and maintenance of machines, manufacturing equipment, mechanical installations and facilities.

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What others have to say

By working with NMTAFE, Pilbara Minerals was able to tailor the training program to make it relevant to the specific mineral processes used at the Pilgangoora Lithium-Tantalum Project; ensuring trainees were job ready prior to mobilisation to site.

Dale Henderson
Chief Operating Officer