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All documents are available in alternative formats upon request including electronic format (USB, CD, email), hardcopy (standard and large print) or audio format.
Student publications
 Short course brochures
Building and Construction
Bricklaying Basics
   Revit Essentials for Architecture
   Solidworks, Introduction to
   Supervisors Construction
   Testing and Tagging
   Wall and Floor Tiling Handyman
   Woodwork, Introduction to
Business and Finance
   Real Estate courses enrolment pack
Community Development
   Diploma of Community Development - Perth
   Diploma of Community Development - South West
Engineering and Mining
   Archicad 21 Commercial Course
   Blacksmithing/Metal Sculpture Welding
   CNC Lathe Introduction
   CNC Machining Centre Introduction
   Engineering, Resources and Construction
   Flux-cored Arc Welding
   Foundry Basic — Metal Casting
   Gas Authorisation (Category 1)
   Gas Authorisation (Category 1) - Registration Form
   Gas Authorisation (Category 2)
   Gas Awareness
   Gas Awareness - Registration Form
   Gasfitter Supervised
   Gasfitter Supervised & Gas Authorisation (Category 2 ) - Registration Form
   Introduction to Building Information Modeling (BIM)
   Laser Shaft Alignment
   Maths Skills
   Metal Machining for Beginners
   Metal Polishing and Finishing
   MIG Welding
   Plug and Cord Replacement
   Short Course Registration form Balga 2018
   Short Course Registration form Midland Semester 1 2018
   Stick Welding
   Testing and Tagging
   Testing and Tagging Registration form 
   Three Phase Plug and Cord Replacement
   TIG Welding (Tungsten Inert Gas)
   Welding for Beginners
   Welding Supervisor Training
Health, Beauty and Fitness
   Administer and monitor medicines and intravenous therapy

Information Technology, Library and Digital
   CISCO Flyer
   Operate and maintain a 4WD vehicle
Specialty programs
Policies, By-laws and other important documents
Annual reports​​
North Metropolitan TAFE — 2017 Annual Report
North Metropolitan TAFE — 2016 Annual Report
Historical copies of Annual Reports for Central TAFE and West Coast TAFE are available through the State Library
Central TAFE reports
West Coast TAFE reports


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