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Applications for Semester 1, 2024 are open now

    Select your desired study mode below to find out how and when to apply.
    Applications for most full-time, part-time and online courses are taken via TAFE Admissions. Some courses are applied for directly to the college.
    If the course you are interested in is not listed in TAFE Admissions, please ensure you check the instructions to apply by visiting the course page on our website.

    Check out our Guide to TAFE Applications for tips on how to best prepare your application. See our Full-time apply and enrol FAQs page for more information.

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    Discover your game plan

    Applications are now open for all full-time courses starting in Semester 1, 2024.

    See our Key dates page for further information on when to apply.

    To apply for a Combined (Online and On Campus) course, please select your chosen campus location when applying via TAFE Admissions.

    Employer-based courses normally have enrolments available at any time.

    Employer-based learning and assessment plans are created at an individual level in consultation with you and/or your employer.

    The flexibility of employer-based study mode also allows you to structure and undertake your learning and assessment in a way that fits into your professional and personal life.

    If you are interested in employer-based study, please contact our Call Centre

    Our skill sets are a type of short course that provides certification for specific workplace skills.

    Skill sets are made up of one or more units of competency which link to an industry need or regulatory requirement, such as a licence. When you complete a skill set, you will receive a statement of attainment. In some cases this may count towards a higher qualification with further study. 

    If you would like to undertake an apprenticeship or traineeship with North Metropolitan TAFE, you need to contact the Department of Training and Workforce Development's Apprenticeship Office.

    The Apprenticeship Office manages the apprenticeship and traineeship system in Western Australia and helps employers, apprentices and trainees through every stage of their course.

    If your current Certificate or Diploma has more than one stage (semester) this is you! Your campus Client Services team will contact you and tell you how to organise payment and enrolment into the next stage of your course. Keep an eye on your emails, including your spam folder just in case.

    NOTE If you are unsure if your Certificate or Diploma is continuing, login to your Student Portal and check your Coursework Summary area. This is where it will list the units needed to complete your Certificate or Diploma.

    You can always contact Client Services if you are still unsure, or if you are concerned you’ve missed an email about your continuing enrolment.

    If you have just completed your course and looking to further your studies with another qualification, this is you! To enrol in further studies you will need to lodge an application for the higher level Certificate or Diploma through TAFE Admissions.

    NOTE If you are unsure if you have completed your current course and are ready for further studies, login to your Student Portal and check your Coursework Summary area. If all your units are either passed or enrolled, you are now ready to apply for further studies. You can always contact Client Services if you are still unsure.

    What is a non-competitive course?

    A non-competitive course is one that has a lot of places available. To get into these courses, all you need to do is be able to show that you meet the entrance 

    Entry to non-competitive courses

    Applicants for non-competitive courses need to demonstrate minimum literacy and numeracy skills or AQF qualification levels. Requirements from ONE of the columns as shown on the course page.

    What is a competitive course?

    A competitive course is a popular course. It means that there are a lot of people applying for the course but not enough places for everyone that has applied. 

    Unfortunately this means that not all applicants will get a place in a competitive course – even if you meet the entrance requirements. Applicants who do meet the entrance requirements will be ranked using their schooling and their working history to work out who should get in. This is done through the TAFE Admissions selection criteria.

    Entry to competitive courses

    Applicants for competitive courses need to demonstrate minimum literacy and numeracy skills or AQF qualification levels and respond to selection criteria.

    Step 1: Demonstrate literacy and numeracy skills or AQF qualification level requirements from ONE of the columns on the course page need to be met. 

    This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to submit an application for a 2024 VET Delivered to Secondary Students (VETDSS) course

    VETDSS Application Guide (696 KB) (PDF document)

    Current secondary school students applying for entry into Semester 1, 2024 will be assessed based on their Semester 1 results from their current year of study. TAFE Admissions will predict end of year outcomes based on these results. 

    Should the end of year results differ significantly from Semester 1 results, the college may suggest alternative options to the student.

    Students currently studying a qualification under the VET for Secondary Students (VETDSS) program will be assessed based on an assumption that they will successfully complete their qualification. They may be required to provide their academic record or qualification as proof of completion at time of enrolment. Should the qualification not be completed, applicants may become ineligible for an offer and the college will work with those applicants on alternative options.

    Note Please be aware that COVID-19 vaccination is an employment requirement for many healthcare providers. 

    NMTAFE students undertaking work placements or who are required to attend a healthcare or community setting as part of their studies are advised to check directly with the healthcare provider regarding their policy settings around vaccination and proof of vaccination requirements.

    International students and Visa holders

    The instructions for enrolling with the options above are targeted at local students – Australian citizens and permanent residents who reside in Western Australia.

    If you are an International Student on a student visa, please visit TAFE International WA for information on how to apply and enrol.

    If you hold a different visa type, please refer to the visa subclasses guide.

    • If your visa type allows study rights under the Local course fee structure,  you can apply in the same way as a local student.
    • If your visa type allows study rights under the Commercial fee structure, please contact advising your visa type and the course you are interested in studying and we will provide further information on how to apply.

    Further information

    Many of our courses will be delivered using a mix of online learning, virtual classrooms (live web conferencing with your lecturer and class) and on campus classroom-based delivery, as well as practical and work experience placements. Lecturers will provide specific instructions to their student groups on how training will be undertaken.  For full details of which study mode to choose see the details on our Our study modes page.

    Note Due to COVID-19 government directives, North Metropolitan TAFE reserves the right to alter the delivery mode of any course at any time. 

      If you need assistance or help to find the best course for you, contact our customer support team.