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Full-time apply and enrol FAQs

What happens after I apply?

Once your application is submitted to TAFE admissions, you will receive via email either one of:

  1. An acknowledgement of your application and details of any further evidence required to assess your eligibility or
  2. An acknowledgement of your application and confirmation that no further evidence is required to assess your eligibility or
  3. An instant offer, if you are eligible and the course is not deemed competitive.

You will also be assigned an assessment officer who will assist you throughout the application process. 


When will I know if I have a place in the course?

If you have applied for a non-competitive course, as soon as you are assessed as eligible, you will receive an offer by email. Please make sure the email address you provide on your application is up to date and checked regularly. 

Offers for competitive courses are issued after applications close. Specific dates for competitive course offers for the current intake will be listed on our Key dates page. 

Late applications will be accepted after this date and offers made only if there are places available.


What is a competitive course?

A course is deemed competitive when it is expected, and highly likely, that the number of applicants will exceed the available places. Competitive courses often have additional criteria to the entrance requirements.  

Applicants can contact their assessment officer at TAFE Admissions.  You can also phone us on 1300 300 822 if you wish to check if a course is competitive and find out about any additional criteria.


What do I do if I change my mind about what to study?

You can change your course preference at any time before applications close for each intake. After this date, you can only change your preference to another course if there are places still available in that course. 

If you decide you no longer wish to study at all, you can cancel your application, or if you have already received one, you can decline your offer. 


How do I enrol?

Step 1. Accept your offer

Your offer email will provide a link to accept your offer. When accepting your offer, you will also accept the terms and conditions of enrolment and you must provide the following information:

  1. Your USI (unique student identifier)
  2. Your parent/guardian details (if you are under 18)  
Step 2. Organise your payment

We will send you an estimate detailing your fees for the semester and available payment options (pay in full, payment plan or loan application). 

Step 3. Confirm your enrolment

Once we receive your payment, payment plan or loan application, we will enrol you and send you a confirmation of enrolment. You must confirm your enrolment before the course commences.

The entire enrolment process is carried out by email and it is very important that you keep your contact details up to date and check your emails regularly throughout the process.

Students needing help can phone us on 1300 300 822.


How much will my course cost?

You will find the course indicative fees, and other information about course cost in our fees and payment options(opens in a new tab) section. 


Where can I find the timetable for the course?

Timetables are accessed electronically via your Outlook calendar and are only available after your enrolment is confirmed.  Instructions on how to access the Outlook calendar will be sent to you at this time. 

Most full-time courses run between Monday and Friday, between the hours of 8am and 5pm, with some exceptions. Typically, contact hours are around 21 hours per week and you may have classes scheduled three, four or five days per week. 

Whilst care is taken to finalise timetables before the beginning of the semester, availability of lecturers and rooms, as well as cancellation or increase of classes due to final enrolment numbers, does mean that timetables are subject to change.


Can I pay my fees online?

Yes, if you are going to pay in full you can do this via bank transfer.  See the How to pay page for details. 

If you wish to pay by instalments, you will need to complete the appropriate form and make an initial payment. Please phone to make your payment arrangements.