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Information Technology, Library and Digital

Every industry in the world relies heavily on IT, so a career in this field is bursting with exciting, diverse and highly paid employment opportunities all around the world. Students can specialise in cyber security, website development, programming, network administration and security, animation and games design, mobile apps development and library services.

Our IT partners

North Metropolitan TAFE is an authorised Cisco Academy.

North Metropolitan TAFE is an authorised Microsoft Imagine Academy.

North Metropolitan TAFE partners with the NetApp Academic Alliances program to provide intuitive, industry-leading education for students of all ages.

Through the program, our students are able to learn new architectures, technologies, and skills needed to protect and manage data.

North Metropolitan TAFE is a Red Hat Learning Academy.

The agreement allows us to use the resources from Red Hat, an established Industry Vendor, to teach targeted Linux OS platform content in our Certificate IV & Diploma of Networking pathways.

Our agreement with VMware IT Academy enables our lecturers to deliver authorised VMware courses in a variety of settings allowing our students to jump-start their career and VMware knowledge.