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Product Design

Product designers create products for the home, workplace and public spaces. If you embark on a career in product design, you could find yourself designing a wide range of products such as household appliances, mobile devices, furniture, tableware, architectural fixtures, medical equipment and much, much more. The possibilities are endless.

Our courses encompass the full spectrum of product and 3D design. You will learn the creative strategies and design skills that will enable you to transform your ideas into real products. You will utilise the very latest software and digital design tools, including Adobe suite and Solidworks, to communicate your design concepts. You will work in first class studios and workshops to create 3D models and prototypes while you gain an in depth understanding of manufacturing processes and materials. You will use industry standard presentation techniques to build your design portfolio, ready to launch your career in the product design industry.

North Metropolitan TAFE is an Educational Member of the DIA.

Shine 2021

This is your chance to see the best of our talented final year interior design students for 2021 from NMTAFE studies in art and design. Here are just a few examples.

Jo Gaunt
Untitled, 2021

Jo Gaunt
Untitled, 2021

Jo Gaunt
Untitled, 2021

Follow these links for a comprehensive collection of student and staff work.

Course list

National ID: CUA40720
State ID: AC94
Industry Creative Industries

Certificate IV in Design (Product Design)

Take your 3D design ideas to another dimension

This course will teach you how to design, draw and build models. You'll learn to use design software and undertake hands-on projects that require you to take your ideas all the way from concept to prototype.

Learn how to turn your 3D design ideas into real products

This course is suitable for anyone who would like to learn 3D design, prototyping and presentation skills. You will gain essential product design skills and knowledge as you undertake a diverse range of hands-on 3D design projects.

You will be guided through the product design process, from client brief to finished product, developing your drawing, design and communication skills along the way. You will be introduced to digital design software as well as a variety of prototyping processes and materials which will enable you to turn your product ideas into reality.

Certificate IV
National ID: CUA30720
State ID: BGV6
Industry Creative Industries

Certificate III in Design Fundamentals

Start designing your creative career

This course will give you the practical skills and knowledge to create and communicate design concepts and you'll have a great foundation to go on to further study in a range of industries, such as interior design or product design.

Artificial Creativity Embraced

Looking for an exciting design course that blends cutting-edge Artifical Intelligence (AI) technology with classic design principles? This energised Design Fundamentals course incorporates AI technology into traditional Graphic Design and 3D Product Design experiences, while still emphasising foundational skills and knowledge in both disciplines. The result is a dynamic and forward-thinking curriculum that offers endless opportunities for creative expression and experimentation.

If you don't know which design pathway to follow, this qualification will give you the practical skills and knowledge to create and communicate design concepts within these areas. You will also learn to evaluate design solutions and communicate your ideas effectively, using a wide range of visual presentation techniques, materials, and technologies.

Over six months, you'll dive into 2D design principles and processes, create basic 3D models using both digital and traditional methods, explore colour theory, and practice your drawing skills. Additionally, you'll gain hands-on experience designing and creating graphic design collateral using Adobe design software.

This is the perfect foundation to take your studies to the next level in various design industries, such as graphic design, product design, or interior design and with AI technology integrated throughout the curriculum, you'll discover new and exciting ways to apply your design skills and take your career to the next level.


Certificate III
National ID: CUA60720
State ID: AC98
Industry Creative Industries

Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts (Product Design)

Refine your creative practice

This course will advance your technical, creative and conceptual skills to develop a substantial body of work that expresses your creative vision.

Refine your product design practice

This course will extend your technical and conceptual design skills to industry ready standards. As a student in the Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts (Product Design) you will focus elements of your project work on an individually negotiated product design specialisation.

During the course you will produce an extensive portfolio of product design work (2D and 3D), allowing you to accumulate experience and a focused skill set that can be applied within your chosen field of product design.

You will learn advanced digital design and fabrication techniques to support your design practice, as well as developing your own design branding and product marketing strategies.

You will receive constructive feedback practical assistance with all aspects of your design process and production from our industry experienced lecturers and support staff.

Advanced Diploma
National ID: CUA51120
State ID: AC96
Industry Creative Industries

Diploma of Visual Arts (Product Design)

Develop your 3D design skills through hands on projects

This course gives you the opportunity to take your product design ideas all the way from concept to prototype. You'll learn in our extensive purpose-built facilities and specialised studios in the creative heart of the city.

Take your product design skills to the next level

The Diploma of Visual Arts (Product Design) will extend your understanding of product design processes and professional design practice.

You will learn CAD software (Solidworks) and be introduced to digital 3D rendering techniques. You will produce detailed design specifications and refined digital portfolios that can be utilised across multiple digital platforms. You will develop advanced research and design development skills, as well as being introduced to product marketing strategies.

You will undertake a range of advanced 3D design projects including furniture, homewares, domestic lighting, wearable objects and fashion accessories.

The Diploma of Visual Arts (Product Design) is taught in our extensive purpose-built facilities based in the creative and cultural heart of the city.

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