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Environmental Science

Learn the background to environmental impact assessments, relevant legislation, identification of flora, fauna and soils, chemistry, mathematics, navigation, mapping, collection and management of samples and OHS while also participating in field trips and camps.

You'll also have the opportunity to work on real projects. Our close links to industry, as well as State and national environmental objectives and procedures, ensures our training remains current and up to date, while also allowing you to build your own networks within the environmental industry.

Julie - Environmental Monitoring and Technology

Course list

National ID: MSS50218
State ID: BEA8
Industry Science and the Environment

Diploma of Environmental Monitoring and Technology

Help manage environmental issues

Learn to conduct environmental sampling, testing and monitoring to understand the impact on the ecosystem. The skills will assist environmental scientists, engineers and planners with site assessment, management and rehabilitation.

Assist in the management of environmental issues with this diploma

With a growing importance on conservation and environmental impact of business on ecosystems, conservation and ecosystem restoration, this is a good time to join this industry. It is a slow but growing area that is linked to our resource industry and increasing issues with the degradation of ecosystems.

This course covers the skills and knowledge you need to apply a range of methods and technologies to conduct environmental sampling, testing and monitoring. The skills are used in most industry sectors and to assist environmental scientists, engineers and planners with site assessment, minimising environmental impacts of processes and remediation/rehabilitation of sites.

This course is multi-faceted, using field trip activities including a regional trip each semester, lab work, team work and online learning to assess your progress.

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