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Still at school

Considering TAFE after school is a great option for school leavers:
 •    TAFE has strong links to industry and can facilitate work placements
 •    Lecturers provide a supportive learning environment to assist students to successfully complete their study pathway
 •    A TAFE to university pathway can reduce the overall fees and time spent at university - allowing students to graduate with two qualifications
 •    Practical training means students can find part-time work in the industry while they complete their studies
 •    In 2017, 85.4% of VET graduates were employed or enrolled in further study after training (VET student outcomes 2018, NCVER).

Whether you want to pursue further VET studies, transition from school to employment, or are looking for a way into university, we offer you the options and support to get to where you want to be.

WA future jobs

Employment growth in the service industries has been driving job creation. This is likely to continue into the future.

“Sectors where there are requirements for high levels of human creativity and interactions, and limited opportunities for automation are predicted to continue experiencing a high demand for workers into the future”.

Future Skills and Training, 2017.

Try a Trade is an 100% Construction Training Fund (CTF) program. The trades that are funded by the CTF to try are bricklaying, stone masonry, ceramic tiling, solid plastering, wall and ceiling lining, painting and decorating, and carpentry.

This program is only available for year 9 and 10 students, and is looked upon highly whn applying for the competitive VETDSS courses in year 11 and 12.

Launchpad program
Launchpad has courses for under 18s and space for young people to come together on their learning journey and find a path that suits them. Click the link to view the flyer or visit the following course pages for more information, including how to apply.

Studying at North Metropolitan TAFE
Even though TAFE is an adult learning environment, we offer the support you need to succeed in your studies.
Here you will find the learning style, environment and pace that suits you with:
•    smaller classrooms
•    flexible study arrangements
•    more access to lecturers
•    a series of support systems and learning resources. 
Our courses reflect the latest practices and trends in the industry, so you will be ready to hit the ground running in any career you choose.
You will learn:
•    from industry experts, with years of experience and invaluable professional networks 
•    through hands on activities 
•    in industry-standard actual and simulated training facilities.
Study areas
We deliver more than 400 courses across a wide range of industry areas.  
For more information on all our study areas and courses available, go to our course catalogue page.
Alternatively, you can also download our 2021 course guide or print the PDF available under each course for more detailed information on study options, campus availability, career outcomes, units and duration.
Areas such as Health & Nursing, STEM, IT & Digital Technologies, and Education Support are key priorities for the government, with more employment opportunities than ever before. The Hospitality, Tourism & Events industries are also booming, as Perth is becoming more and more a global city. Employment prospects are also high for Sport, Beauty & Lifestyle, Art & Design and Media.
VET Delivered to Secondary Students
We also offer a series of VET Delivered to Secondary Students programs for year 11 and 12 students attending school*. 

Our VET Delivered to Secondary Students programs allow school students to develop industry specific skills, develop employability skills and gain a nationally recognised VET qualification while completing their Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE). It is also a great opportunity to gain a better understanding of a specific career pathway, while learning in an adult environment with students of all ages and diverse backgrounds. 
For more information on courses available, application requirements, responsibilities of a student in a VET Delivered to Secondary Students course and specific contact details, see VET Delivered to Secondary Students.
* Students who commenced their VET Delivered to Secondary Students course in the previous semester and progress on the same pathway do not need to apply online. We will liaise with your school VET Coordinator to confirm your intentions towards the end of the year.

Pathways to university 
If you would like to go to university but are not sure your grades will see you through, let us help.
By studying with us, you can make sure that your time preparing for university counts. You'll achieve job-ready skills, plus knowledge that is recognised by the universities for credit.

We have a wide range of credit articulations with all Western Australian universities, which means you may be able to transfer credits and cut subjects when you start your Bachelor degree.

Apprenticeships and traineeships

Apprenticeships and traineeships are a great way to start your career, combining work with structured training. As you enter into a formal training contract with an employer, you have the opportunity to learn skills on the job, with the support of qualified TAFE lecturers, and start building your own professional network.

Apprenticeships focus on traditional technical trades like bricklaying or mechanics; traineeships are usually in non-traditional trade areas such as business, beauty and health.

Click here for more information, on apprenticeships and traineeships 

School-based apprenticeships and traineeships (SBA or SBT)

SBA or SBT are paid employment-based training programs for full time school students generally 15 years of age and over. As a SBA or SBT you will be a full-time student and a part-time employee with the same employment and training conditions and responsibilities as other apprentices and trainees.

Training is delivered by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). This training can done as either a few hours every week or in weekly blocks depending on the qualification and scheduling arrangements.

As a SBA or SBT you will be paid by your employer for the hours you work. Working hours may take place during school hours or outside school hours based on your employer’s needs. The minimum number of hours of paid employment may be based on a set weekly schedule or averaged over a set period of time. 

Depending on the qualification, your School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship may be completed by the time you finish year 11 or 12.  Other qualifications may continue past your graduation. 

Before you can commence you will need to negotiate your attendance at work and training with your school to ensure the SBA or SBT meets school timetabling requirements.  Please contact your school VET Coordinator to determine this.

Relevant SBA/SBT factsheets
Australian Apprentices SBA information
WA SBA Information
Minimum hours fact sheet

How to apply
Once you have decided what course you want to do, applying for a place at North Metropolitan TAFE involves a few simple steps.
Just go to our Apply and Enrol page and find out more about applying and enrolling in full-time, part-time and online studies. 
If you need assistance at any point during the process, or need help finding the best course for you, call our course information team on 1300 300 822 or email us at
Courses requiring a portfolio
Prospective students may be required to submit a creative folio as part of the application process. Candidates will be contacted during the application process and provided guidelines for folio criteria and submission timeframes.
Choosing your career 
If you need more information on a specific career, check out There you will find a wide range of resources to: 
•    learn about different work styles and find a career you will enjoy 
•    explore different industries and jobs with good prospects
•    find out which industries are expected to grow and learn about the skills they'll need.
The Jobs and Skills Centre can also give you more information on:
•    education and training courses
•    career directions and learning options
•    career planning and decision making.
Staff at the Jobs and Skills Centre use an ongoing process to help you manage and adapt your work and learning choices to your changing circumstances and to the wider environmental conditions. It can be used for all work and learning decisions, big or small.
Pre-Apprenticeship in School (PAiS) Programs

If you're in year 11 or 12, the PAiS program involves attending school, completing Certificate II pre-apprenticeship training at North Metropolitan TAFE, and completing work placements with an employer.

Graduate Year 12 with your WACE, a pre-apprenticeship in your chosen field and be a step ahead of others looking for apprenticeships. There is no doubt employers look favourably at the candidate who already has a proven track record of study, demonstrated the capacity to apply themselves to a formal TAFE course and can understand the practices and terminology associated with the trade in question.

Campus TAFE code/Pathway State/National code Qualification Year Day Course duration
Joondalup (Kendrew) AB10 SIT20416  Certificate II in Kitchen Operations (Commercial Cookery/Patisserie Pre-apprenticeship) 11 x 2 Thursday AND Friday 1 year (3.5 terms)
Balga AA45 MSF20313 Certificate II in Furniture Making (Cabinet Making / Furniture Making Pre-apprenticeship) 11 Thursday 2 years (7 terms)
Clarkson AA40 52700WA Certificate II in Plumbing (Plumbing Pre-apprenticeship) 11 Friday 2 years (7 terms)



Need more help?

If you need help deciding what to do after school, talk to your school's VET Coordinator or Careers Counsellor. They can give you more information on TAFE and even put you in touch with one of our Jobs and Skills Centres

The North Metropolitan TAFE Jobs and Skills Centres provide free: 

  • Career information and guidance 
  • Training and course information 
  • Help to choose the right training course or qualification to suit your personal, work or career goals
  • Help with job searching and job matching 
  • Skills and qualification recognition information 
  • Apprenticeship and traineeship assistance 
  • Culturally sensitive employment and career services for Aboriginal people. 

The North Metropolitan TAFE Jobs and Skills Centres are situated at our Balga, Joondalup and Northbridge campuses.

Page last updated October 23, 2020