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The TAFE environment

Informed choices

North Metropolitan TAFE is a vocationally oriented adult learning environment.

It prepares you for employment in your career of choice and must, out of necessity, provide a mature age learning environment to responsibly prepare you for the workforce.

At the same time, our students range in age from mid-teens to retirees, and so for some students, the training experience provides a transition from a school environment to an adult employment-focussed environment.

North Metroplolitan TAFE must therefore operate as an adult environment and so all students are expected to act in a mature manner.


I'm an adult now

Even though North Metropolitan TAFE is an adult learning environment, we offer the support you need to succeed in your studies.

Here you will find the learning style, environment and pace that suits you with:

  • Smaller classrooms
  • Flexible study arrangements
  • More access to lecturers
  • A series of support systems and learning resources.

Our courses reflect the latest practices and trends in the industry, so you will be ready to hit the ground running in any career you choose.

You will learn:

  • From industry experts, with years of experience and invaluable professional networks
  • Through hands-on activities
  • In industry-standard actual and simulated training facilities.

North Metropolitan TAFE is an adult learning environment with a focus on developing skills to the standard required in the workplace.

This means that:

  • Students are responsible for their own learning and are expected to manage their workload, seeking assistance from lecturers when needed.   
  • Students aged less than 18 years of age may be in classes with adult students (those aged 18 and over).
  • Students aged under 18 years of age may be required to work on projects with adult students and this may involve working and communicating with such students outside of normal class or study hours.
  • Learning activities at North Metropolitan TAFE are not limited to lessons in a classroom environment and may include:
    • Lectures
    • Tutorials
    • Flexible delivery
    • Online learning
    • Group work
    • Assessments
    • Workshops
    • Seminars
    • Research
    • Project work
    • Work experience/ industry placement/field work/on the job training
  • Course hours include a wide range of delivery and assessment activities and may not always be used for classroom teaching.
  • Classes/activities are scheduled for a specific timeframe however if a student is able to demonstrate competency prior to the final class, they may not need to attend the remaining scheduled classes/activities.
  • Students aged under 18 years of age share college facilities such as the library, canteen and computer labs with adult students.
  • Some courses are delivered across more than one campus or involve a workplace. In such instances, parents/guardians are responsible for their child's travel arrangements to and from North Metropolitan TAFE and between campuses.
  • North Metropolitan TAFE courses are scheduled differently from secondary education classes, so there may be lengthy breaks between classes, days when no classes are scheduled and varying class times. North Metropolitan TAFE students are expected to manage their unscheduled time for themselves in a way that optimises their learning experience.
  • In the event that classes are cancelled, staff will endeavour to inform the students prior to attendance; however, this isn't always possible. In the event that classes are cancelled North Metropolitan TAFE does not provide alternative study options.
  • If a day time (between 8.00am-5.30pm) class finishes prior to the scheduled time, students will be released from class and will not be supervised.
  • If a class which is scheduled to finish after 5.30 pm, finishes prior to the scheduled time, the students will remain under the supervision of the lecturer until the scheduled class finish time. If a student indicates that they have their own transportation, or have arranged transportation with friends in the class, a discussion will be held between the student and the lecturer to confirm this and they will be released from class at the earlier time.
  • Students may be required to complete assessment tasks/assignments outside of their scheduled timetable. Some of these assessment tasks/assignments are undertaken in the community.

As a North Metropolitan student you are are expected to: