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Fees | Payment options

While the State Government subsidises Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Western Australia, as a student you are required to contribute toward the cost of your training. In order to enrol you must pay the required fees or enter into a fee payment arrangement.

At North Metropolitan TAFE, three types of fees may be charged:
•    Course or tuition fees - set by the State Government and are calculated on the category of enrolment
•    Resource fees - covers materials purchased by North Metropolitan TAFE which will be consumed or transformed by students in the course of instruction, such as workshop materials & workbooks
•    Other fees - charged for goods and services that are not essential to the course but are provided by North Metropolitan TAFE such as security and IT infrastructure.

In addition to these fees, students may need to purchase textbooks, uniforms and other course specific equipment.

The Department of Training and Workforce Development is the State Government Department responsible for Western Australia’s Vocational Education and Training fee policy.
VET Fees and Charges Policy contains an explanation of the full schedule of student course fees and charges for State Funded Enrolments. 

For further information about the way that the State Government funds training in WA, please visit the Jobs and Skills WA website.

How much will I pay?

An indicative list of course costs is published as a guide for students. 
These fees are a summary of semester estimates for students in state subsidised courses. 
Indicative fees     

Course fees are paid at enrolment for the units you only enrol in. Most units are semester long (six months) and students will be required to enrol each semester if their course is longer than six months.

Students who are not eligible to take up a subsidised (State Funded) place may be given the option of paying commercial fees. These are referred to as a commercial enrolment. Concessions and fee caps do not apply to commercial enrolments.

How can I pay?

Campus payment availability

East Perth
Mount Lawley
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Credit Card
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Please note  
Students wishing to pay in full over the phone can contact our Call Centre on 1300 300 822 between the hours of 8.00am – 4.30pm Monday to Thursday and 8.00-4.00pm on Friday. Please ensure you have your enrolment estimate and Student ID number with you when contacting the Call Centre to make payment.

Concession rates 

Students are entitled to concession rates if enrolled in a concession eligible course (certificate course) and hold or are a dependent of a person who holds any of the following:

  • A current Health Care or Pensioner Concession Card;
  • A current Repatriation Health Benefits Card issued by the Department of Veteran's Affairs;
  • A current recipient of AUSTUDY, ABSTUDY or Youth Allowance; or,
  • Secondary school aged persons (in 2019, eligible students will be born on or after 1 July 2001 and must be at least 15 years old and not enrolled at school).

Students eligible for a concession will pay 30% of the tuition fees. No concession is given for the resource, incidental or other fees. 
To claim the Concessional Rate the student must provide valid proof of concession at the time of enrolment otherwise full fees will be charged.  To be considered valid, the start date of the concession must be on or before the date the course commences. If your concession start date does not meet this criteria, you will not be eligible for concession fees, as per the Department of Training and Workforce Development’s VET Fees and Charges policy.

A concession does not apply for foundation skills courses or select Diploma and Advanced Diploma qualifications*. There is no concession or fee cap for commercial students, and RPL.

*  Concessions do apply for these Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses:

National ID        Qualification
CHC50113*       Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care
PSP51018         Diploma of Auslan

* Not eligible for a course fee waiver

Fee caps

There is a cap on the fees you pay:

Secondary school students

In 2019, there is a cap of $420 per year for students born on or after 1 July 2001, who are at least 15 years old and who undertake training that is not part of a VET in Schools program.
Students enrolled in a commercial course are not eligible for this fee cap.

Lower fees, local skills concessions 

In 2020, students who are aged 15-24, or hold a valid concession and are enrolled in a Lower fees, local skills course, must provide proof of age or their concession card to have the $400.00 annual tuition fee capping applied.  Acceptable proof of age documents include birth certificate, passport, driver’s license or proof of age card and must be emailed to fees@nmtafe.wa.edu.au or presented in person at Student Services.  

Please note The discounted rates apply to course fees only — you will be required to pay other fees in addition to the $400.00, such as resources and material fees.

Other courses

Course fees for diploma and advanced diploma will not exceed $7,860 per course per year. 
Resource fees and discretionary fees are not included in the annual cap and will need to be paid in addition to the capped tuition fee.
When a student is eligible for both concession and fee cap, the concession is calculated first and the fee cap applied on the concession fee.

All these caps apply to Priority Industry Qualifications, General Industry Training, apprenticeships and traineeships and Foundation Skills courses, and to concessional and non-concessional students. These caps do not include fees for Recognition of Prior Learning or commercial courses.

Payment options

Fees are charged for every unit that the student enrols in each semester.
North Metropolitan TAFE offers a range of payment options to help you with your student fees.

Pay the full amount

In person at Student Services with EFTPOS, credit card.
Please note Cash is only available at Perth, Midland, Balga and Joondalup (Kendrew Crescent) campuses. 
Students wishing to pay in full over the phone can contact our Call Centre on 1300 300 822 between the hours of 8.00am – 4.30pm Monday to Thursday and 8.00-4.00pm on Friday. Please ensure you have your enrolment estimate and Student ID number with you when contacting the Call Centre to make payment.


Pay by instalments

Students wishing to pay by instalments enter into a legally binding contract with North Metropolitan TAFE to pay their fees by the agreed dates.
The fortnightly instalment payments will be collected by Paysmart via direct debit from a bank account or credit card.

Students will have up to 20 weeks to pay in fortnightly instalments.
(Please note payment duration may be adjusted for courses shorter than one semester in duration)

To set up an instalment plan, students are required to complete a Paysmart request form, with bank or credit card details and authorising signature.
Paysmart request form


Apply for a student loan

Eligible students of Diploma and Advanced Diploma qualifications can opt to defer the payment of all or part of their fees by applying for a Commonwealth VET Student Loan.

Please note VET Student Loans and FEE-HELP Loans will not be approved for students who do not meet eligibility requirements.

Under these loan schemes, the Australian Government pays your fees directly to North Metropolitan TAFE on your behalf. You then repay the loan through the tax system when your income exceeds the minimum repayment threshold.

FEE HELP and VET Student Loans give rise to a debt that continues to be a debt due to the Commonwealth until it is repaid.

Find out if you are eligible and how to apply on our VET Student Loans page.

Remote payments

Pay by instalments - complete a Paysmart request form and email it to fees@nmtafe.wa.edu.au indicating your campus in the subject line.
If you do not meet the agreed terms of payment your payment plan will be cancelled and your enrolment suspended. Unpaid fees will be referred to a debt collector.


Third party payments

If your employer or another third party agency, has nominated to pay your fees, they are required to complete an Invoice Authority form.
North Metropolitan TAFE will invoice the employer directly for the fees; however it is important to understand that students still accept full responsibility for the payment of all fees and charges relating to their enrolment at North Metropolitan TAFE.

To take up this payment option, you must provide a completed Invoice Authority form.  


Debts from a previous semester

If you have a debt from the previous semester, you will not be able to enrol.
Please contact Student Services to arrange payment.

Page last updated November 14, 2019