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52873WA Advanced Diploma of Civil and Structural Engineering

National ID: 52873WA State ID: BGQ97
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Want to work on international engineering projects?

Gain advanced skills in the design and drafting of engineering plans to Australian and New Zealand standards and you could be working on local, interstate or international engineering projects.

This comprehensive qualification in civil and structural engineering could see you working on projects ranging from skyscrapers to intricate road designs.

This course will extend your study of the design and construction of civil works like dams, structures and pipe networks that is covered in the Diploma course.

While the emphasis is on producing working drawings for civil works which are used to communicate the engineers designs to the workers involved in constructing the works, you can participate more in the design decisions that are made.

You will learn a range of engineering drafting standards and receive exposure to CAD programs selected from autocad, Revit and 12D. You will extend your ability to address technical issues beyond what is achieved in the Diploma course.


This qualification is directly aligned with priority industry areas where jobs are today, and into the future. As part of the state government Lower fees, local skills program, through to 31 December 2025 you'll only pay half the tuition fees (plus resource fee) capped at $1,200; or $400 if you're aged 15—24 or eligible for a concession.

^ You will pay half price for the tuition fees on the Lower fees, local skills qualifications, however other fees may apply such as Resource fees that are specific to your course. For full details see our Half price courses page.

  • Apply construction principles to civil engineering works
  • Produce advanced engineering designs and drawings
  • 3D CAD in engineering
  • Learn structural analysis in engineering

I have the following attributes:

  • An interest in solving practical and technical problems
  • Planning and organisational skills
  • Analytical skills and the ability to interpret information
  • Strong communication skills
  • An understanding of the principles of physics and maths
School Leaver Non-School Leaver AQF
Completion of WACE General or ATAR (Minimum C Grades) or equivalent Completion of WACE General or ATAR or equivalent (minimum C Grades) Certificate III

The Diploma of Civil and Structural Engineering forms the first year of the Advanced Diploma of Civil and Structural Engineering and must be completed before enrolling in the Advanced Diploma.

Certificate III in Engineering or related field.

This qualification will take an additional year after successful completion of the Diploma of Civil and Structural Engineering.
The Advanced Diploma is run at our East Perth campus with some lab work based at NMT's Perth campus (30 Aberdeen St building).

Other job titles may include:

  • Senior Draftsperson
  • Design Draftsperson
  • Civil Engineering Assistant
  • Engineering Associate

 Please note this list should be used as a guide only as job titles and qualification requirements may vary between organisations. 

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Semester 1, 2022

East Perth - On Campus

Duration 1 Year
When Semester 1, 2022
Where East Perth
How On Campus
Course fee
Tuition fee* Resource fee Total fee
General $1,200.00 $335.00 $1,535.00
Concession $400.00 $335.00 $735.00

Half price fees

The Lower fees, local skills (half price) discount and fee caps have already been applied to the Tuition fees displayed above.  Please note that fee caps only apply to the calendar year, so multi-semester courses across more than one calendar year may have a higher fee. See the Half price courses page for more details.

Lower fees, local skills are available to residents of Western Australia, and temporary residents holding certain visa types.  They are not available for people living outside of Western Australia, or international students.  Full eligibility details are available on our Half price courses page.

Enquiries regarding fees can be made by calling us.
T  1300 300 822


*Fee disclaimers

The fees quoted are estimates only and are for the entire course for students enrolling on a full-time basis in 2022. Please view the full list of Fee disclaimers.

Please note fees listed include all units required to gain this qualification.  If you're a continuing student and have successfully completed a lower-level qualification that is a prerequisite for this course, you'll only pay for the units that you need to enrol in, to complete this course.

Enquiries regarding fees can be made by calling us.

T 1300 300 822

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