Aged Care and Disability Enterprise Training Program (ETP)

What is ETP?

ETP will focus on meeting the training demands of the disability and aged care sectors within and external to the NDIS.

North Metropolitan TAFE will partner with enterprises and consortiums, specifically those in the social and allied health sector, to apply for funding* in training existing full-time, part-time and casual workers to fill current skills gaps and future workforce requirements through traineeships and skill sets. We believe keeping employees current with quality standards and best practice is a challenge due to the cost and backfilling of staff.

* Up to $200,000 per enterprise per application and up to $300,000 per consortium per application.

Skill sets

North Metropolitan TAFE is the largest vocational provider of nursing and health training in Western Australia, providing significant training for the aged care and disability sector.

We see skill sets playing a critical role in addressing workforce needs; incorporating skill set delivery to build full qualifications. The skill sets we have designed include blended delivery and assessment practices for learners employed in this industry catering to differing workplace requirements, in particular regional and remote areas. Delivery will build the framework for traineeship and entry level qualifications, as well as RNs, ENs and senior leaders.

Delivery will be tailored for each individual group to ensure that an appropriate amount of training is provided; this factors in pre-existing knowledge and skills. In addition to face-to-face delivery, participants will have access to online learning materials and activities and will be required to demonstrate the application of skills in their place of employment.  

There are a number of skill sets we will be offering, and are already in the process of meeting up with various Aged Care and Disability facilities to discuss upcoming training for them.

Career pathways are a key element to building workforce capacity and capability, with ageing and disability support skill sets being offered to increase the agility of workers moving from other sectors building cross-sectoral skills.  

North Metropolitan TAFE will implement an annual professional development calendar that will provide service providers access to further professional development training.


How many employees can be trained under the ETP?

There is no current limit on the number of employees that can be trained under the program. This will be determined by the capacity, organisational need and amount of funding requested by you and North Metropolitan TAFE.

Can we request North Metropolitan TAFE to deliver more than one qualification or skill set to our employees?


Where will the training take place?

That's up to you and us. Your place or ours. Let's talk.

What qualifications or skill sets will be funded under ETP?

Nationally recognised qualifications and skill sets drawn from the CHC and HLT training packages. We will focus on State accredited courses and existing worker traineeships. A full list of eligible qualifications will be published as part of the request for application and made available on the Department of Training and Workforce Development(opens in a new tab) website.

How long until I find out if our application has been successful?

After your application has been lodged with the Department we should hear back within two weeks of submission.

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