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Get Online Week Bingo

North Metropolitan TAFE is a partner with the Be Connected network of 3,000 community organisations who support older Australians to thrive in a Digital world. 

Our Skills for Education and Employment program applied for a Get Online Week (19-25 October 2020) grant, to host a face-to-face event with the aim to support our clients in developing Digital literacy. 

With Get Online Bingo, SEE clients completed a daily activity and reported to the trainers on the activity they completed. The aim of the game was to complete four activities in a row either horizontal, vertical or diagonal. All clients who did complete four activities went into the draw to win a prize. 

Following the event, all SEE students got together to talk about their experiences and the learning that happened during the week. 

Many of the comments were very positive, such as, “Thank you for the opportunity”, “Very lucky to do this”, “Good to learn more about computers” and showed that the students were generally very appreciative of the effort and dedication to organise the whole activity. 

At the end of the winners were presented with prizes and all the clients participated and enjoyed morning tea together.