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Digital Recording Introduction for Singer/Songwriter

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Gain the essentials of digital recording

Whether you're a seasoned musician or starting out as a singer/songwriter, this short course will enable you to learn how to craft and record your song using an interface and music software.

You'll cover how to:

  • Plug an instrument or microphone into an audio interface and record sound and how specific software works
  • Record a sound without noticeable distortion and the use of plug-ins, such as reverb, delay, eq, and compression.
  • Create an arrangement using different tempos and time signatures.
  • Arrange a song using standard formats, such as intro, verse, chorus.
  • Insert and record virtual instruments.
  • Creatively use effects for the purpose of completing a song.
  • Bounce a song to disk and the appropriate file format.
  • Introduction to a range of music software such as Garage Band, Logic, ProTools and relevant audio interfaces
  • Create a range of tracks for the purpose of recording instruments such as guitar, bass, keyboard and vocals
  • Record a range of audio tracks, overdub, plug-ins and balancing faders
  • Introduction to click trac and editing techniques, such as copy and paste, and basic arranging
  • Intro to Virtual Instruments and MIDI
  • Auxiliary tracks, bussing effects and automation
  • Mix a song and finalise it for distribution

This course runs over 4 Wednesdays, 6.00pm - 9.00pm.

Next course dates are 4 - 25 August

Timetable information is indicative only and subject to change.


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