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Request your Award | Diploma | Certificate

Once you've completed your studies​, you are entitled to receive your Award Certificate, Diploma or Statement of Attainment.

Students can access their results and progress via the student portal(opens in a new tab) .

Most students will have their award issued within a day of their final results being added to their record. They will be sent an email soon after that from Completions and Awards Team that advises that their award has been completed and is in the post.

If you believe that you have completed all your units and all credits have been applied then please allow one week before putting in an application for your award.

Please note We will not be able to issue any documents if you haven’t provided your USI (Unique Student Identifier). Please contact Student Services for further information on 1300 300 822.

If you are an apprentice or trainee you do not need to request your award. If you believe you have completed all contracted requirements, your employer should make contact with the apprentice management team to have your contract completed. Once all parties have agreed that your contract is complete, you will receive your Trade Certification from the Apprenticeship Office and North Metropolitan TAFE will issue your qualification.

Application for award qualification

Student details
e.g.1 January 2000
Check current address and update now

Please note This is the address that your award will be sent to and that if your award is sent to an old address you might be charged $50 for a re-issue.

Course details
Please provide the following information for the course you have completed.
I completed this qualification as an Apprentice or Trainee.
Request details
I am applying for
Please call 9427 1680 with your credit card details to pay and also to confirm your address.
Please call 9427 1680 with your credit card details to pay and also to confirm your address.

For printed re-issues of Qualifications or Academic Record, you will need to contact the North Metropolitan TAFE Award Team.

T 08 9427 1680  |  E

If you need your award documentation urgently please advise why and also what date you need it by in this comment field. Please be advised that while NMTAFE will make every effort to get your documentation to you quickly, at peak times it may take up to 30 days.

  • I have logged on to the Student Portal (current students only) and confirm that my name, address and contact details are up-to-date.
  • All fees and charges for all enrolments have been paid in full (Note 1)
  • I have applied for Credit Transfers and provided evidence from another registered Training Organisation (RTO) to North Metropolitan TAFE (lecturer, academic area, Client Services)
  • I have completed all of the units required to complete the qualification being applied for (Note 2)

Note 1: Awards & Results cannot be issued to students with any current balance outstanding.
Note 2: Any units missed must be enrolled and paid for in full prior to any results being entered and this qualfiication being issued. Any Recognition of Prior Learning, Exemptions or Credit Transfers must also be processed prior to this application

Permission to view my USI transcript
Any documentation requested via this form cannot be issued without North Metropolitan TAFE being able to access your USI. Please go to to create or retrieve your USI. Follow these instructions to provide North Metropolitan TAFE with permission to view your USI transcript.

I have provided North Metropolitan TAFE with permission to view my USI transcript (only applicable for studies post 2014)