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Information for student complaints and appeals


This document explains North Metropolitan TAFE’s (NMTAFE) policy and procedure for handling complaints, feedback and appeals and what it means for students or the general public who wish to lodge a complaint or an appeal against a decision made by North Metropolitan TAFE that affects them.

Policy purpose

At NMTAFE, we are committed to transparency and providing a clear process for handling complaints, feedback, and appeals. Our aim is to fulfill our responsibilities under the Standards for RTOs and to ensure that students and the public feel empowered to voice their concerns, suggestions, and experiences with us. 

We take every complaint seriously and carefully assess the reasons behind them, along with their outcomes and the experiences of those making the complaints, providing feedback, or filing appeals. This approach allows us to continuously enhance our practices and services to better serve our community.

Policy scope

The Complaints, Feedback and Appeals Policy does not apply to Academic Appeals. These are appeals against an academic result relating to an assessment, academic progress or an award. For Academic Appeals please refer to the NMTAFE Academic Appeals Policy (183 KB) (PDF document) and Academic Appeals Procedure (127 KB) (PDF document).

What is a complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction with a NMTAFE service, product, facility, third party provider or the action of a person or persons. This means that if you are not satisfied, you can let us know by lodging a complaint so we can address any issues that have occurred.  Students or members of the public can lodge a complaint. 

What is feedback?

Feedback may be a positive compliment or negative comment about a NMTAFE service, product, facility, third party provider or the action of a person or persons. Feedback does not necessarily require a response but will be acknowledged.

What is an appeal?

An appeal is when you ask for a decision made by NMTAFE to be reviewed. Students or members of the public can appeal a decision by telling us about the impact of the decision and why it should be reviewed, by sending us an email, using the form or by telephone.

How to complain, provide feedback, or appeal a decision at NMTAFE

If you have any concerns or suggestions, we encourage you to share them with us through our Complaints, Feedback, and Appeals section on the NMTAFE website. 

Our website information details on how you can let us know what your think via a form (online or hardcopy) calling us, sending us an email or posting us a letter. 

While you are not required to resolve your complaint informally, we recommend talking to your lecturer, Head of Programs, or Client Services before taking formal action.

For us to address your complaint, feedback or appeal effectively, please provide your contact details when submitting it. Without this information, we won't be able to fully address or investigate your concerns. 

If you are over 18 and want someone else to make a complaint, feedback, or appeal on your behalf, you need to provide written consent for them to act on your behalf.

For students under 18, we will inform your nominated guardian of the complaint, feedback, or appeal, and they can represent or support you.

To ensure timely processing, submit your complaint, feedback, or appeal as soon as possible after the incident or at the end of your course if it relates to your course experience.

Support with a complaint, feedback or appeal

If you need assistance with the process, reach out to your lecturer, Head of Programs, or Client Services at your NMTAFE campus.

Disability, mental health or medical condition
Contact Access and Learning Support at 9427 1314 or if you need any support with the process or would like to request alternative formats for information accessibility.

Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders
Reach out to the Student Liaison Officer at Koolark at 9428 0340 or

Students who are under 18 years
Parents/guardians can complain on your behalf. Visit Client Services if you need.

International students
Contact International Student Support at 9427 1873 or or visit Client Services.

English is an Additional Language (EAL) students
Get help from Client Services or if you need the services of an interpreter contact

What you can expect from us

At NMTAFE, we treat all complaints, feedback and appeals with utmost confidentiality and handle them following the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness. This means we'll give your complaint, feedback or appeal a fair hearing without any bias, and our decisions will be based on the evidence provided by you and others. We document and record all information and communications to have a clear account of your concern and our response.

  • When you lodge a complaint, provide feedback or appeal we will acknowledge it in writing within two (2) business days. 
  • Our goal is to resolve complaints or appeals within ten (10) business days. In case we need more time, we will inform you in writing and keep you regularly updated on the progress.
  • To handle complaints and appeals effectively, we'll collect sufficient and relevant information.
  • If you choose to submit an anonymous complaint, we'll respond as best as we can based on the information provided.
  • Rest assured, all records of complaints, feedback, and appeals, along with their outcomes, are securely stored and maintained.
  • During any meetings that take place, you have the option to request the presence of a support person to assist you. If you are under 18, a parent, guardian, or responsible adult can be your support person during this process.
Appealing a decision

If you are dissatisfied with the process or outcome of your complaint, you have the right to appeal. Complete a complaints appeal form (online or hardcopy) found on our website within 28 days of the complaint conclusion.

An appeal panel will review your complaint's handling in accordance with principles of natural justice. After the panel's consideration, you will receive written notification of the outcome. 

If you remain unsatisfied, you can seek an independent review by the Ombudsman Western Australia.

Please note that this policy does not cover appeals against academic results, which have a separate process detailed on the Academic appeals page on this website.

International student appeals

International student appeals against a complaint decision must be lodged with TAFE International Western Australia (TIWA) within twenty (20) business days of notification of the NMTAFE complaint outcome.

Related polices and other relevant documents
  • Whole of Government Complaint Management Strategy (Premier’s Circular 2009-27)
  • WA Ombudsman Publications;
  • Australian Complaint Handling Standard, AS/NZS 10002:2014;
  • Disability Access and Inclusion Plan
  • North Metropolitan TAFE Academic Appeals Policy
  • North Metropolitan TAFE Academic Appeals Procedure
  • TIWA International Student Complaints and Appeals Policy
  • DTWD’s Duty of Care Policy for Minors Attending TAFE Colleges
Relevant legislation

Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015, Standard 6, 6.1 - 6.5;Vocational Education and Training Act 1996

  • Public Sector Management Act 1994
  • Equal Opportunity Act 1984 WA
  • Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Commonwealth)
  • Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Commonwealth)
  • Freedom of Information Act 1992 WA
  • Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth).