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Discipline procedures

Detailed information on disciplinary procedures are found in part 6 of the North Metropolitan TAFE By-laws (230 KB) (PDF document) (under the Vocational Education and Training Act 1996).

If disciplinary action is deemed necessary it may include a monetary fine, suspension from a course, expulsion, withholding results, exclusion from lectures or refusal of enrolment.

Part 6 – Penalties and disciplinary consequences


A person who contravenes any of these By-laws commits an offence. Penalty $1,000.

Disciplinary consequences

Instead of recovering a penalty in a court of summary jurisdiction if an alleged offender is an enrolled student an authorised person may proceed against the enrolled student as for a disciplinary offence and have the complaint heard and determined by the Managing Director or an authorised person other than the person who commenced the proceedings in relation to the offence.

If the Managing Director or the authorised person referred to in subsection (1) is of the opinion that the alleged offender has committed an offence the Managing Director or authorised person may impose any one or more of the following penalties:

  • A fine not exceeding $50
  • Suspend all or any of the privileges of the enrolled student
  • Exclude the enrolled student from attending lectures
  • Withhold examination results of the enrolled student
  • Suspend the enrolled student for a period not exceeding two semesters of any course or courses
  • Expel the enrolled student from North Metropolitan TAFE
  • Refuse re-enrolment as a student.

A decision by the Managing Director or authorised person imposing a penalty specified in subsection (2) (f) or (g) is not effective unless confirmed by the Governing Council.

The Managing Director or authorised person is to serve notice of any penalty imposed on an enrolled student under subsection (2) on the enrolled student within 28 days of the day after the penalty is imposed.

If proceedings for an offence against an enrolled student is pending at any time before the enrolled student is or may become entitled to an award for North Metropolitan TAFE, the granting of the award may be adjourned until after the proceedings are completed.

If at the time an enrolled student is entitled to an award for North Metropolitan TAFE:

  • The enrolled student has not paid any penalty imposed on the enrolled student under these By-laws
  • The enrolled student without lawful excuse retains any property of North Metropolitan TAFE
  • Then the award may be withheld until the enrolled student has paid the amount of the penalty or returned the property to North Metropolitan TAFE.