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Charter of Customer Service

The Charter of Customer Service sets out the service standards that our customers can expect. As an enrolled students you are entitled to expect the following standards:

Academic programs and services

Delivery of high quality, contemporary programs supported by appropriately qualified staff and technology. Timely communication of information about relevant operations of the North Metropolitan TAFE, including:

  • Selection, enrolment and induction/ orientation procedures
  • Course information, including course delivery plans, content and vocational outcomes
  • Timetables and classroom allocations and any changes to staffing arrangements, timetables or classroom allocations
  • Provision of language, literacy and numeracy assessment
  • Provision of suitable learning materials
  • Flexible learning and assessment plans
  • Recognition of existing skills and awarding of credits towards qualifications
  • When results can be expected
  • Feedback on assessment outcomes and general feedback during course delivery
  • Appeals procedures.
General programs and services

A safe, healthy training environment, free of harassment that respects the rights of the individual and values diversity. A consultation process that provides for input into decision making processes. Timely communication of information about relevant operations of North Metropolitan TAFE, including:

  • Availability of disability services, welfare and guidance services and how to access them
  • Grievance and complaints procedures
  • Occupational safety and health procedures and requirements
  • Fees and charges, including refund and fee waiver policies and how to apply for fee waivers or refunds
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Issuing of awards procedure.

The standards of behaviour that North Metropolitan TAFE expects from its students are as follows:

  • A sense of self responsibility about your study program
  • That you will treat staff and fellow students with courtesy at all times
  • You will undertake reasonable presentation, including appropriate standards of hygiene and clothing
  • You will take reasonable care of property and equipment.