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Student portal

The Student Portal connects you to all the information you need to get the most out of life at North Metropolitan TAFE.

Login to access results, update personal records, read the latest news, link to Blackboard and social networking, get information about North Metropolitan TAFE, and find out more about future training and career possibilities.

Student Login to Student Portal  
Students are required to log into Office 365 first and update your Self Service Profile and Student Password prior to logging into Student Portal.
Click here for Self help guide for logging in

Office365 Email Login

          User Name  Student ID@tafe.wa.edu.au
          Password     Default Password
         Default Password = TafeDDMMYYYY (Capital T, Date of Birth)

Student Portal  Login

Once your Self Service Profile and Student Password has been updated in Office 365, Students logging into Student Portal are required to enter a User Name and Password as following:

          User Name  Student ID
          Password     Student Password

For example, if your Student ID is K123456 and your Student Password is Hello123#, your Student Portal logon details would be:

          User Name  K123456
          Password    Hello123#

Student passwords expire EVERY 90 days - This affects all systems INCLUDING Blackboard, Office365 (student email) and student portal.

Staff Login to Student Portal

On College Network Staff

          User Name  Staff ID
          Password    Network Password


Outside College Network

Staff logging into Student Portal outside a College Network will be required to enter a Username and Password as following:
          User Name  STP\StaffID
          Password    Network Password

Please note: The above User Name format is specific to accessing the Student Portal (outside a College Network) only and not applicable to other Student management systems such as AsRI and Lecturer Portal.

Other logins
Page last updated December 05, 2017