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We want to see you succeed. We hope that prior to making the important decision to withdraw, you have explored all options available to support you in continuing your studies.

Consider the following options:

  • If the course is not what you expected, some academic components are challenging or you wish to look at reducing your study load, discuss options with your Head of Programs.
  • If you are finding it difficult to meet financial commitments contact Client Services.
  • If you are not coping with your studies the Supporting students wellbeing page has links to resources and information about referral services. Or if you require additional support relating to a disability, or a health condition contact Accessibility and Learning Support.

Partial Withdrawals

If you are intending to withdraw from only some units and not the entire course, please ensure that you have discussed this with your Head of Programs and are aware of any implications this may have on your current or future enrolments, as well as your ability to progress through the course.

Things to consider before withdrawing from only some units include if the unit is a pre-requisite that must be completed to move onto the next stage of your course or if the units form part of a clustered delivery. Training Packages are reviewed regularly to ensure they meet current industry needs and students who reduce their load by withdrawing from some units, may not be able to complete their current qualification and may need to also enrol in additional units in the replaced qualification.

Centrelink and Transperth Concessions

To be eligible for Centrelink payments for studying and concessions on public transport, students must be enrolled in a full time load. Withdrawing from your course or units may impact on these entitlements.

International Students

If you are an international student you must be enrolled full time as a condition of your student visa. If there are exceptional circumstances you may be granted permission to reduce your study load. Please contact the International Centre – do not complete the withdrawal form.

Recommencing studies

If you withdraw from your course, you must re-apply to study in the future.


Before withdrawing, please ensure you read our refund policy.

Students on a payment plan will need to continue with their payments until all fees are paid. Students on a VET Student Loan will have the fees deferred to their loan.

The census dates for each unit are available on your Confirmation of Enrolment. This will have been emailed to you at the time of enrolment.  Should you require a replacement, please contact Client Services.

If you have definitely made the decision to withdraw, you will need to proceed to the withdrawal form below. This is the only official way to withdraw from your studies.

Advising lecturers and staff or just no longer attending classes does not mean you have withdrawn and will result in financial and academic penalties.

Personal details
Personal details
If you are entitled to a refund or credit this can only be processed if we have a valid USI from you.
Do you identify as an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander?
Do you have a disability, medical or mental health condition?

Withdrawal details
I wish to withdraw from:
Please confim that you have discussed the implications of reducing your workload
As per your enrolment e.g. Accounting and Bookkeeping  or Accounting Principles Skill Set
Please provide unit/s number and name (refer to your enrolment summary for details).
Did the course timetable availabilty have any impact on your withdrawal?
Reason for withdrawal
Choose the most appropriate situation/s

If you tick yes, the Jobs and Skills Center will contact you to advise of the career services available.

Please read and agree to proceed
I understand that upon withdrawal I may not be entitled to a credit/refund after the enrolments census date except in extenuating circumstances. I may still be liable for outstanding fees as per the VET Fees and Charges policy (including fees deferred via VET Student Loans).
Please attach any additional documents
Maximum 5 files.
10 MB limit.
Allowed types: jpg, png, tif, pdf.
15 MB limit per form.