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Radical career move follows CGEA

Deborah Harvey had performed in a variety of jobs in the past; although in recent years she worked for herself cleaning houses.  It was understandable she was concerned that her skills had suffered and that she had been falling into a rut.  

Deborah had always wanted to be a phlebotomist, but knew that in order to succeed in the Certificate III in Pathology Collection course being offered by North Metropolitan TAFE, she would have to develop her computing skills and learn to get back into study mode.

Deborah was feeling at a loss, so she decided to enrol into the Certificate III in General Education for Adults (CGEA) at our Leederville campus. 
It was here while gaining employability skills such as Maths, English and Project Work, Deborah was presented with the prospect of looking outside the box, considering jobs which had always been regarded as male dominated.  Deborah jumped at the prospect of working on the mines to build up her bank balance.  

“I started working on the mine sites as a cleaner and kitchen hand - hard work - so I decided to move a few steps up the ladder, and got my HR licence.  This was the last thing I thought I’d do in my wildest of dreams,” she said.

“I’m just starting a driving job now on the mines and will progress to site administration within the next six months.  I’m half way there. I’m chasing the dollar rather than a phlebotomist career at the moment - there was never any money in phlebotomy anyway!”

If, like Deborah, you just don’t know what to do next, talk to us about a Certificate in General Education for Adults. You never know where it will lead you.

Page last updated March 29, 2019