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Do you want to work with your hands and use your technical mind? North Metropolitan TAFE’s manufacturing, fabrication or welding qualifications will give you the skills and knowledge required to manufacture, assemble and maintain building and mining structures, equipment and engineering components.

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EAB20 Weld to Code - Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Process Skill Set Skill set On campus
AS1796, GTAW, MMAW, welding, pipe welding, coded welding, industry standards, pipe, heavy fabrication, boliermaker, boilie, boily, tradie, fabricator,

Enhance your skills in Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

If you work as a boilermaker, welder or tradesperson in the Heavy Fabrication industry, this skill set will enhance your skills in Gas Tungsten Arc Welding. This course is designed to your build skills and knowledge level in preparation to sit the Weld to code examination to AS1796 level.

The skill set consists of theory and workshop practice and will be delivered one evening a week.

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Our qualifications will give you the practical skills and knowledge to participate in planning and managing plant shutdowns, and to take a leading role in the establishment of systems intended to prevent or enable responses to incidents or emergencies. You will learn about safety case preparation, incident response management, plant documentation and environmental impacts. 

North Metropolitan TAFE is the largest resources trainer in WA, offering the state’s most comprehensive, industry-targeted training with qualifications covering drilling operations, mining exploration and resource processing.

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If you have good maths skills, enjoy using computers and machinery, are handy at problem solving and want to be a part of an exciting industry that makes things work, our Mechanical Engineering qualifications are perfect for you. 

North Metropolitan TAFE offers engineering qualifications in the areas of Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Mechatronics and Technical Engineering. Our courses will help you develop the high level of safety awareness and in-depth technical skills that the industry demands. 

As you work on hands on projects, you will be introduced to mechanical, manufacturing and civil engineering concepts using hand tools and measuring techniques. You will study a wide range of disciplines including road, rail and drainage systems, dams, harbours, bridges, buildings and other structures.