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Floor and Wall Tiling

Our carpentry and joinery qualifications are suitable for an Australian building apprenticeship pathway, qualifying you for work on both residential and commercial construction sites. You will also qualify for more advanced building and construction courses and for further training towards your builder’s licence. 

National ID State ID Title Qualification level Study mode Campus
52824WA AB31 Building and Construction (Pathway - Trades) (Carpentry and Joinery Pre-Apprenticeship)
Half price
Certificate II On campus
Q000000, Q000002, YY000000, TAFEADM, Carpenter, Joiner, Carpentry, Joinery, building, construction, build, wood, timber, roof, plumbing, woodwork, wood, wood work, bricklaying, carpentry, aa38, 52443wa, TAFE02, Building and Construction, Carpentry and Joinery, wc17, 52824WA, Ab31

Do you have a building desire to work with wood?

Carpenters and joiners construct, erect, install, renovate and repair structures and fixtures made of wood, plywood, wallboard and other materials, and cut, shape and fit timber parts to form structures and fittings.

When you complete this pre-apprenticeship you'll be what employers are looking for as an apprentice carpenter and joiner. Give yourself a better chance of gaining an apprenticeship and a flying start in learning a trade.

Gain these skills
  • Using manual and power tools
  • Constructing wall frames
  • Installing flooring
  • Interpreting plans
  • How to measure and calculate materials
  • Working with scaffolding
Is this course right for me?

I have the following attributes:

  • Enjoy hands-on work
  • Physically fit and abe to undertake manual labour for extended periods
  • Good communication and teamwork skills
  • Planning, organisational and problem solving skills


CPC32011 D409 Carpentry and Joinery
Half price
Certificate III Apprenticeship
On campus
Q000000, Q000002, Carpenter, carpentry, joiner, wood, timber, roof, plumbing, woodwork, wood, wood work, bricklaying, d391, cpc30211, TAFE02, Building and Construction, Carpentry and Joinery, d409

Do you want to build a strong career from the ground up?

You will gain the knowledge and skills to carry out a range of building and construction tasks; use basic carpentry tools, power tools, carpentry materials; construct a pitched roof, ceiling frame, wooden flooring; interpret plans; and apply work health and safety requirements.

MSF30113 J729 Furniture Finishing
Certificate III Apprenticeship
On campus
finisher, French, polisher, restoration, restorer, stain,lacquer, varnish, polish, polishes, repair, design, wood, antiques, timber, furniture finisher,

Polish up your skills and gain a career in furniture finishing

Refinishing or refurbishing timber products and furniture can add a sparkle to any new or old build. You'll learn about using environmentally sustainable work practices to make or renew timber products.

This apprenticeship will give you the skills required to become a furniture finisher or worker and experienced furniture finishers have a range of job opportunities open to them.

The Certificate III in Furniture Finishing is an apprenticeship, please see the Apprenticeships section for more information.

Gain these skills
  • Measure, prepare and finish timber
  • Apply stains, coatings and decorative techniques
  • Interpret plans
  • Estimate and cost jobs
Is this course right for me?

I have the following attributes:

  • An eye for detail
  • Good eye/hand co-ordination
  • A desire to do a precise and thorough job
  • Able to follow established procedures
  • Problem solving skills


MSF20313 AA45 Furniture Making (Cabinet Making/Furniture Making Pre-Apprenticeship)
Certificate II On campus
Q000000, Q000002, TAFEADM, Build, building, construction, wood, cabinet, furnishing, woodwork, furniture, timber, Cabinet making, aa45, msf20313, TAFE13, Building and Construction, Carpentry and Joinery (Furniture Trades), carpentry, chippy, carpenter, joiner, YY000000, furniture maker, cabinet maker, pre-apprenticeship, apprenticeship, apprentice, plans, drawings, office, built-in cupboards, solid, free standing, hand and power tools, prepare surfaces, interpret plans, measure, calculate materials

Do you want a trades career making cherished chairs and loved lounges?

When you complete the Certificate II in Furniture Making (Cabinet Making/Furniture Making Pre-Apprenticeship) you'll be what employers are looking for in an apprentice furniture maker or cabinet maker.

Cabinet makers work from plans or drawings to make home and office furniture, including built-in cupboards and fixtures for new homes and shops. Furniture making concentrates on the production of solid and free standing furniture.

Many employers now prefer apprenticeship applicants to have completed a pre-apprenticeship. This course will give you the skills, knowledge and behaviours to prepare you and make you more competitive when applying for apprenticeship positions. It will give you a better chance of gaining an apprenticeship and a flying start in learning a trade.

Gain these skills
  • Use hand and power tools
  • Prepare surfaces
  • Interpret plans
  • Measure and calculate the right amount of materials for the job
  • Workplace health and safety
SC-BCB-V1415 Furniture Polishing Introduction Short Course
Short course On campus
rejuvenate, old, second, hand, secondhand, second-hand, furniture, polishing, lacquer, putty, shellac, antique, restoration, restore, used, timber furniture, strip, re-finish

Breathe new life into tired treasures

This course is for anyone who wants to fix up or rejuvenate old or second hand furniture. You'll learn how to effectively and safely use lacquers, putty and shellac to carry out antique restoration of old and used furniture.

You can bring in your own timber furniture project to work on. If you dont have a project we can supply an item for you to work on but we will retain it after completion of this short course.

Gain these skills
  • Rejuvenate furniture
  • Fix scratches and dents in timber furniture
  • Strip and re-finish old furniture
  • Stain furniture correctly (one pot method/brush techniques/graining/effects)
EAB86 Internal Carpentry Maintenance Skill Set
Skill set On campus
carpenter, carpentry, woodwork, timber, building, maintenance, handyman, window, door, power tools,construction, panel, moulding

This skill set will add to your skills in home maintenance or help begin a career in the construction industry.

If you want to find employment in or or enhance your prospects in the construction industry, particularly in the field of maintenance, this skill set will equip you to repair and maintain internal carpentry and fixings.

You'll cover aspects of carpentry related to the installation and repair of doors and windows.

Gain these skills
  • Understanding of OHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry
  • Safe use of hand and power tools
  • Understanding of internal carpentry maintenance
  • Install lining, panelling and moulding
MSF30313 J749 Timber and Composites Machining
Certificate III Apprenticeship
On campus
 Q000000, Q000017, timber, furniture, cabinetry, timber machining, composites, CNC machining, windows, doors, furnishing, flat panels,

Get into the timber machining industry

This course will provide you with the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge to perform timber and composites machining for the manufacture of furniture, built in and freestanding cabinetry and other timber components. You will utilise a range of static machinery as well as specialist computer numerically controlled (CNC) machinery to manufacture components as specified in working drawings and cutting lists. You will also gain the fundamental knowledge required to perform machine set up, operational maintenance and basic troubleshooting.

The Certificate III in Timber and Composites Machining is an apprenticeship, please see the Apprenticeships section for more information.

Gain these skills
  • CNC machine set up
  • Use hand tools
  • Knowledge of the materials used in manufacturing
Is this course right for me?

I have the following attributes:

  • An interest in practical and manual skills
  • Able to undertake precise and exact work
  • Problem-solving skills and an eye for detail
  • Able to undertake strict safety requirements
SC-BCB-V1271 Woodwork Introduction
Short course On campus
V1271, Q000000, woodwork, DIY, timber, furniture, power tools, handyman, woodwork projects, NMT16073

Show off your newly found wood working skills

This short course will teach you to build your own small piece of furniture, a coffee table, toy box or bedside cabinet for example.

You'll learn how to use many of the hand tools and power tools used by a cabinet maker. During your first week you'll focus on the various power tools used in the trade, learn about their application. The safe use of tools and Workplace Health and Safety will also be covered.

You'll also cover:

  • marking out and cutting timber to size
  • methods of joining and fixing timber using glue, nails, screws and bolts
  • clamping materials together correctly
  • the use of drawer runners and other hardware
  • ornate trims and mouldings

Materials and hardware will be supplied. No previous experience required.

Dress requirements

You will need to supply your own personal protective equipment (PPE) including safety glasses, earmuffs or ear plugs, dust mask and closed in footwear.

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Our bricklaying and blocklaying qualifications will give you the necessary skills and knowledge to lay bricks and blocks using different bonds for domestic, commercial, industrial and public buildings, and how to construct ornamental panels, feature walls, arches and columns. 

Our courses will see you ready to read and interpret plans
and specifications, apply basic leveling procedures, carry out measurements and calculations, handle and prepare materials, and use appropriate tools and equipment. 

North Metropolitan TAFE is WA’s leading training provider for higher qualifications in this industry filled with exciting challenges and opportunities. Our courses provide you with the skills and knowledge to plan and supervise construction work, and prepare, cost and schedule for a contract. You will also learn about building codes and standards, legal requirements, estimating, site safety, timber code, project management, and structural principles for residential and commercial buildings.