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Enrolled Nursing

With a qualification in sport, you will be part of a growing industry that thrives on achieving goals and healthy living. Our courses will train you on how to fulfil client objectives and to work effectively within a sporting organisation. You will gain comprehensive knowledge of the industry, allowing you to work for sporting associations and gyms, fitness and recreation centres, government agencies and care organisations.

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National ID State ID Title Qualification level Study mode Campus
SIS40419 BEU6 Certificate IV in Sport Development Certificate IV On campus
BEU6, SIS40419, sport,exercise science, health, sporting, fitness, coaching, coach, event, event management, sport program,sports management, player manager, talent identification, talent id, recruitment, player, recreation,

Get a head start in the sporting industry

This Certificate IV in Sport Development will give you the skills to get ahead and take advantage of the varied opportunities in the sporting industry in Australia. You'll cover topics such as; teamwork and leadership; planning and delivering sport and recreation programs; using sport technology; event management; risk management; exercise science; managing volunteers and working with stakeholders. You'll be equipped to fulfil your clients' sporting objectives and work effectively within a sporting organisation.

During the course of your studies you'll have access to the live works gym facility at our Northbridge campus and have the opportunity to gain learning support to improve study, literacy or numeracy skills.

Gain these skills
  • developing knowledge of sport technology used in the industry
  • work effectively within a team environment or autonomously in an organisational structure
  • the ability to conduct and coordinate sporting activities for others
  • understand how to incorporate exercise science principles into fitness instruction and programming
  • responsibility for coordination and supervision of volunteers in variety of roles
  • ability to plan, setup, conduct and monitor an event
Is this course right for me?

I have an interest in the sport industry and I have the following attributes:

  • Enjoy participating in sport and being physically active
  • Able to work in a team and communicate with others
  • Above average English literacy skills
  • Good organisational, time-management and problem solving skills
  • Enthusiastic and self-motivated
  • Keen to learn new concepts, ideas and methods
SIS50319 BEU3 Sport Diploma On campus
Sport, Community, Development, Coach, Coaching, Strength, Training, Health, Program, Recreation, Football, Athletics, Basketball, Netball, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Cricket, Waterpolo, Hockey, Rugby, Instructor, Official, Referee, Umpire, Fitness

Turn your passion for sport into a career

The Diploma of Sport has been designed with the career oriented, sports professional in mind and will provide you with a broad set of skills and knowledge to advance your career in the sport industry. You'll develop essential business skills such as project management, leadership and marketing, along with coaching and managing participants to perform and excel. Graduates from this course will be able to seek employment from a range of state sporting organisations or associated governing bodies, work independently in the private sector or as a self-employed business owner.

Gain these skills
  • High performance coaching
  • Sport development management
  • Talent management
  • Events management
  • Community sport developmet
Is this course right for me?

I have the following attributes:

  • Creative and innovative
  • Strive for continuous improvement and the achievement of high standards
  • Highly developed communication skills, including the ability to resolve conflict
  • Strong organisational and planning skills
  • Able to work effectively in a team with the ability to lead and inspire
    SIS30115 AYW6 Sport and Recreation Certificate III Employer-based
    On campus
    SIS30115, AYW6, j762, sis30513, j000002, TAFE04, J000000, Health, Beauty and Fitness, J000001, Fitness, sport & rec,

    Kick off your career in sport or community recreation

    This qualification will provide you with the practical skills and knowledge to perform a variety of roles in customer support positions in the sport or community recreation industry. You will be competent in a range of activities and functions requiring autonomous work within a defined range of situations and environments.

    Successful completion of this qualification provides you with job role opportunities within fitness centres, sporting grounds or complexes, leisure, aquatic and community recreation centres.

    Is this course right for me?

    I have the following attributes:

    • A passion for sport
    • Enjoy outdoor activities
    • Self motivated, disciplined and dedicated
    • Good interpersonal and communication skills to interact successfully with diverse people
    • Good time management and organisational skills
    • Good problem-solving and negotiation skills

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    By completing one of North Metropolitan TAFE’s hairdressing courses, you will gain the skills and knowledge to create unique hairstyles, making people look and feel confident with their hairdo. 

    A qualification in pathology will open up a world of diverse employment opportunities within the healthcare system. Working at the forefront of pathology services, a pathology collector provides valuable service in hospital wards, outpatients, and in community collection centres ensuring specimens requested for pathology testing are collected appropriately to be forwarded to the laboratory.

    Take your career into the vital area of mental health services. Gain the skills to provide support to people who use mental health services. Learn about responding to self-harm, early intervention strategies, advocacy, issues facing those with a mental health disorder, policy development and more.

    North Metropolitan TAFE offers a series of courses in Anaesthetic Technology, Health Services Assistance, Sterilisation, Pathology and Hospital/Health Services Pharmacy Support to support the vast and complex health care industry. Health services staff across several areas play a valuable and important role in the delivery of care and services to patients and clients.

    In a society that is becoming more conscious about fitness and health, the demand for gym instructors and personal trainers is steadily increasing. If you want to help people achieve their goals and promote a healthy and active lifestyle, then North Metropolitan TAFE’s qualifications are the perfect choice for you. 

    A nursing qualification from North Metropolitan TAFE will see you work as an enrolled nurse in a range of health care settings including hospitals, health clinics, community organisations or residential care. It is a diverse, challenging and rewarding career, as nurses make a real difference to the comfort and care of patients every day. 

    Allied Health Assistants support the work done by Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and other Allied Health Professionals. It is the perfect career pathway for those who want to help people affected by physical disabilities, medical conditions, mental health ailments, ageing, developmental disability, communication difficulties and/or social disadvantage to achieve functional independence.