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Our bricklaying and blocklaying qualifications will give you the necessary skills and knowledge to lay bricks and blocks using different bonds for domestic, commercial, industrial and public buildings, and how to construct ornamental panels, feature walls, arches and columns. 

Our courses will see you ready to read and interpret plans
and specifications, apply basic leveling procedures, carry out measurements and calculations, handle and prepare materials, and use appropriate tools and equipment. 

National ID State ID Title Qualification level Study mode Campus
SC-BBL-V1266 Bricklaying Handyman
Short course On campus
V1266, WW000000, Q000000, Q000007 brickie, bricklaying, building, DIY, D.I.Y., handyman, mortar, bricks, NMT16079

Ever wanted to come to grips with the basics of bricklaying?

Completing this course at North Metropolitan TAFE and you'll learn:

  • about basic setting out
  • how to mix mortar correctly
  • the correct use of bricklaying tools
  • how to cut bricks with hand tools
  • levelling and spacing techniques
  • bedding bricks in mortar
  • correct joint spacing
  • how to maintain face alignment and finishing brick joints evenly

You'll need protective eye glasses, gloves and protective shoes. Tools and materials will be supplied.

Please note classes will only run with sufficient numbers.

CPC30111 D390 Bricklaying/Blocklaying
Half price
Certificate III Apprenticeship
On campus
Q000000, Q000001, Building, Bricklaying, construction, roof, plumbing, woodwork, wood, wood work, carpentry, d390, cpc30111, TAFE02, Building and Construction, Q000008, Bricklaying and Blocklaying, apprenticeship, bricklayer, blocklayer, brick, block, layer, brickie, tradie, builder,

Do you want to build a lifetime career from the ground up?

When you complete the Certificate III in Bricklaying/Blocklaying you will be ready for a certified trade career as a bricklayer or blocklayer.

The Certificate III in Bricklaying/Blocklaying is an apprenticeship please see the Apprenticeships section for more information.

Gain these skills
  • Lay bricks for domestic, commercial, and public buildings
  • Construct arches, columns, feature walls, steps, stairs, curved walls, and ornamental panels
  • Interpret plans
  • Apply work health and safety requirements
Is this course right for me?

I have the following attributes:

  • Enjoy practical work
  • Good hand-eye coordination
  • Able to follow plans and instructions
  • Comfortable working in a physical environment and from heights


52824WA AB25 Building and Construction (Pathway - Trades) (Brick and Block Laying Pre-Apprenticeship)
Half price
Certificate II On campus
Q000000, Q000001, YY000000, TAFEADM, Bricklayer, Blocklaying, building, construction, build, brick, block, laying, roof, plumbing, woodwork, wood, wood work, bricklaying, carpentry, brickie, aa32, 52443wa, TAFE02, Building and Construction, Q000008, Bricklaying and Blocklaying, scaffolding, wc11, 52824WA, AB25, apprenticeship, construct brick and block walls, read and interpret plans, mix, place and finish concrete, set up a cement mixer and produce mortar mixes, apply basic levelling procedures using various levelling devices, use bricklaying tools and equipment, measure and calculate the required materials for specific jobs, and erect, use and dismantle scaffolding

An outdoor trades career with a chance of making great things

Complete this pre-apprenticeship and you'll be what employers are looking for in an apprentice bricklayer/blocklayer.

Learn how to use bricklaying tools and equipment to construct brick and block walls, to give yourself a better chance of gaining an apprenticeship and a flying start in learning a trade.

Gain these skills
  • How to mix, place and finish concrete
  • Setting up a cement mixer to produce mortar mixes
  • Erect, use and dismantle scaffolding
  • Reading and interpreting plans 
  • Basic levelling procedures using various levelling devices
  • Measuring and calculating the required materials for specific jobs
Is this course right for me?

I have the following attributes:

  • High level of physical fitness and stamina
  • Enjoy practical work
  • Ability to work to deadlines
  • Ability to work accurately, follow plans and instructions
  • Good hand-eye coordination
  • Comfortable working from heights
CPC30318 BEG4 Concreting
Certificate III Apprenticeship
Q000000, Q000003, Q000008, Building, construction, concrete, grano, concreting, j784, cpc30313, TAFE13, Building and Construction, General Construction

Lay down the foundations of a solid lifetime career

Successfully complete this course and you'll have the knowledge and skills to pour concrete for domestic, commercial, and public buildings.

The Certificate III in Concreting is an apprenticeship, please see the Apprenticeships section for more information.

Gain these skills
  • Prepare for, place, finish, and cure different types of cement and concrete mixes
  • Fix reinforcement materials
  • Interpret plans
  • Apply workplace health and safety requirements
Is this course right for me?

I have the following attributes:

  • Enjoy practical and manual work
  • Comfortable working outdoors in a physical environment
  • Problem solving and basic maths skills
  • Safety conscious and accurate



EAB21 Introduction to Bricklaying Skill Set
Skill set On campus
Brickie, Labourer, building, construction, housing, build, houses, bricks and mortar,

Lay the foundation for a career in the construction industry

On successful completion of this course you will have the necessary skills to commence employment in the bricklaying industry as a labourer or start an apprenticeship.

You will learn how to use and handle bricklaying materials, tools and equipment; mix mortar to requirements; safely erect and dismantle restricted height scaffolding; and work safely on the job.

Gain these skills
  • Occupational Health and Safety requirements including:
    • JSA Job Safety Analysis
    • PPE
    • Hazard identification
    • Safe work practices
    • Safety using tools and equipment
    • Duty of care
  • Safely erect and dismantle restricted height scaffolding.
  • Basic setting out
  • Lay bricks plumb, level and straight and to a line using profiles
  • Use pack barrows to shift bricks
  • Mix mortar to requirements


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North Metropolitan TAFE is WA’s leading training provider for higher qualifications in this industry filled with exciting challenges and opportunities. Our courses provide you with the skills and knowledge to plan and supervise construction work, and prepare, cost and schedule for a contract. You will also learn about building codes and standards, legal requirements, estimating, site safety, timber code, project management, and structural principles for residential and commercial buildings.