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Community Services

Our counselling qualification focuses on community services work. This means students gain the skills to support a wide range of clients, including people from culturally diverse backgrounds and community groups. You may provide support in areas such as mental health, drug and alcohol abuse, family and domestic violence, housing within welfare or government agencies.

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National ID State ID Title Qualification level Study mode Campus
CHC51015 AZA0 Counselling
Diploma Employer-based
On campus
Joondalup (Kendrew Crescent)
TAFE02, S000000, Education and Community Services, S000009, Counselling, domestic violence, case management, welfare, social work, community services, youth work, mental health, allied field, counsellor

Gain a competitive edge to employment in this fast-growing industry

This qualification will provide you with the skills and knowledge to work with clients experiencing complex situations requiring advanced interviewing and communication skills in a community services setting.

During the course you will gain industry experience and grow your expertise. You may find yourself working  in the areas of mental health, drugs and alcohol abuse, family and domestic violence, housing, adolescent development, or parenting and relationships - completing this course will give you a competitive edge to secure employment in this fast-growing industry.

This course may be of particular interest to graduates of Diploma or higher in community services, youth work, mental health, allied field or applicants already working in these industries. 

Gain these skills
  • Build and facilitate counselling relationships with clients
  • Reflect on and improve your own professional practice
  • Recognise and respond to crisis situations
  • Research and apply personality and development theories
  • Work legally and ethically
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I have the following attributes:

  • 18+ years of age
  • Able to undertake research and apply myself to self directed activities
  • Broad-minded and non-judgemental
  • Able to keep information confidential
  • Able to relate to people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures
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Employer-based training offers a flexible, self-paced study program which combines workplace recognition of prior learning and individualised ‘gap’ training to attain your qualification.

This means every time you go to work you are learning and demonstrating competence whilst working towards your qualification. The flexibility of Employer-based training allows you to structure and perform learning and assessment in a way that fits into your professional and personal life.

Learning and assessment plans are created on an individual level in consultation with you and/or your employer. Assessment is conducted using numerous methods including practical demonstration and observation, question and answer interviews, written tasks, supervisor reports and workshops.

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Community services is a sector that is continually growing. Work is available in the not-for-profit, private and government sectors, in areas as broad as youth programs, alcohol and drug centres, non-clinical mental health settings, financial counselling, multicultural services, and disability and aged care programs. 

Aged care is a fulfilling and challenging career with high employment prospects, especially due to a shortage of skilled staff. During your studies, you will develop your interpersonal skills and learn through a combination of lectures, talks and visits from guest speakers, and gain practical experience as you embark on a supervised work placement in an aged care organisation. You will learn how to provide direct care to clients who are unable to care for themselves due to ill health or disability, and gain a better understanding of age related illnesses and how to manage them. 

North Metropolitan TAFE’s training and assessment qualification is all about training the trainer. With an increasing need for a skilled workforce and a growing demand for lecturers, our qualifications will see you design and develop effective learning programs and assessments for students to facilitate, maintain and enhance professional practice through competency-based assessment. 


Interested in working in the dental industry? With North Metropolitan TAFE’s qualifications, you will gain skills in making mouth guards, dentures, crowns and bridges. You will also learn about infection control and workplace health and safety. During your training, you will have the opportunity to gain additional experience in a modern simulated dental laboratory in the purpose-built Oral Health Centre of Western Australia (OHCWA).