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The Industry Training Council Training packages for licensed trades require that all knowledge and skills delivered within a qualification are to be contextualised to current industry practices and technologies.

This requires Registered Training Organisations (RTO) to ensure that students are collecting evidence of the application of their learning in their work environment (On the Job profiling).

At North Metropolitan TAFE our Electrical area uses a web-based tool named Q Tracker for the collection of this On the Job profiling. 

This is a tool that has been developed to enable students to easily complete worksheets and monitor progress using most mobile devices or a PC. Employers can easily see and sign-off the evidence documented by the apprentice and use this information to maximize on the job learning opportunities.

Students at North Metropolitan TAFE must use Q Tracker to log activity worksheets and then submit them to their supervisor for approval.

Apprentices will be given access to Q Tracker at the time that their Training Plan is signed. The Login will be the students ID and the password is the date of birth.  

To login:

  1. Go to in a new tab)
  2. Log in with user name which will be the student ID
    (Leave off “0” if student ID starts with “0”)
  3. Input password which will be student date of birth. Enter format in Month/Day/Year with no “0s” in single number months and days eg. 3/6/1960 would be March /6th /1960.
  4. This should give access to Q-Tracker main screen.

If students are unable to login they should request a password reset using the Q Tracker password reset form at bottom of this page.

An overview of Q Tracker (2 MB) (PDF document - opens in a new tab) use and functionality can be viewed here.

Resulting and Q Tracker outcomes

Competency will be recorded on passing the 1A units at TAFE, irrespective of Q Tracker hours logged, however you must have started to use Q Tracker at the end stage 1A.

Student overall Q Tracker hours shall be approximately 25% at the end of stage 1B to achieve competence.

Completion of second year TAFE studies and have accumulated approximately 50% of Q Tracker hours logged for the units of competency completed in 2A and 2B.

Completion of third year TAFE studies and have accumulated approximately 75% of Q Tracker hours logged for the unit of competency completed.

Final resulting and eligibility for 4A and Capstone assessments is based on the completion of all the OTJ (Off the Job) training at TAFE and 100% recorded (hours) in Q Tracker and use of Q Tracker must be current.

100% recorded (hours) in Q Tracker, means 100% in all units (not averaged across all units).

In order to ensure that evidence remains current students should continue to update Q Tracker even if 100% has been achieved.  

Students that have completed a pre-apprenticeship pathway will be eligible to have RPL granted in Q Tracker and this should be discussed with your lecturer. (Evidence of successful completion must be made available).

Q Tracker password reset

This form is only for Electrical and Plumbing Apprenctices to reset their password for Q Tracker.

If you are a student in another course and need a password reset for NMTAFE systems including Blackboard, Office365 (student email) and Student Portal please contact us on 1300 300 822 or visit Library Services.

Student details
Student details
e.g. 1 January 2000