Our values

Our values reflect our determination to ensure best practice and leadership across VET in pursuit of our vision to transform lives; strengthen industry and community.


We treat one another fairly and with courtesy while acknowledging the right of each person to hold different or opposing views.

  • We communicate honestly and authentically with our students and colleagues
  • We forgive errors and learn from them, finding constructive solutions to issues
  • We empower and build confidence in our colleagues and students
  • We collaborate positively, recognising effort and commitment.


Our interactions with others are based on honesty and trust motivated with their best interests at heart.

  • We behave ethically and appropriately in everything we do
  • We choose to do what is right without expecting anything in return regardless of how hard it is
  • We fulfil our responsibilities as North Metropolitan TAFE and WA Public Sector employees
  • We lead by example and dedicate ourselves to consistently surpass expectations.

Student centred

Our students are our reason for being hence we place their best interests at the centre of our decision making and service delivery.

  • We ensure our students are given every opportunity to succeed
  • We deliver quality teaching in an engaging, supportive learning environment
  • We design programs that equip students with skills and pathways leading to employment
  • We are responsive to student needs, providing courteous and timely responses to complaints and requests for assistance.


We accept personal accountability for our actions and decisions, demonstrating social, financial and environmental responsibility to stakeholders.

  • We use resources and funding sustainably and efficiently
  • We observe all relevant regulatory and legislative obligations
  • We are reliable, responsible and consistent
  • We measure our collective success through robust peer, student and industry review.


We aspire to deliver best practice in everything we do for the benefit of our students and industry.

  • We have a creative, future focused approach to product development, teaching delivery and client service
  • We thoughtfully design holistic delivery and assessment strategies fit for the profile of learners we seek to attract, and the industry or community in which they will engage
  • We reject siloing by collaborating transparently across teams and work areas
  • We encourage lateral thinking that is inspired, contemporary and progressing our vision.


We willingly share our knowledge, reflect on our performance and strive to continuously improve on how and what we deliver.

  • Our industry expertise is reflected in the standard and quality of work that we produce
  • We ensure our skills, knowledge and qualifications have industry and vocational currency
  • We embrace change as an agent for improvement in service and training quality
  • We respond effectively to adversity which is testament to our resilience and ingenuity.