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Skill Set Application

Please fill in your details via the application form below if you wish to apply to study a skill set at North Metropolitan TAFE.

Please note students may be required to provide evidence of study and/or work history. If you have previously studied at North Metropolitan TAFE we can use your previous studies to support your application but you must provide your Student ID number below.

Once we have received your application and evidence we will assess your suitability to the course and provide you with further instructions for enrolment. 

Your USI is a 10 digit number. Please note that enrolments are unable to be processed without a USI. You can create or retrieve your USI at
If you have previously studied at North Metropolitan TAFE, please provide your Student ID if known.

Note  If you are enrolled in secondary school and TAFE concurrently you will be charged at a commercial rate. For further information please email   

Page last updated September 24, 2020