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Howzat for good sports?!

14 December 2020

Certificate IV in Sport Development students have been volunteering their time and expertise supporting kids with special needs to learn sporting skills.

  • Kingsley Woodvale Junior Cricket Club runs a training program specifically for special needs children aged four to 12 years.
  • Our students are supporting the kids in their endeavours to learn cricket skills while building confidence and team spirit.
  • Through the program, NMTAFE students and the Star Blasters kids have built mutually rewarding and genuine friendships.

Star Blasters program coordinator, Lauren Bridges, had no idea how successful or popular the program would be, but has been thrilled with the results.  Lauren was looking for assistance to provide one-on-one support to children with special needs when she contacted NMTAFE.

Lauren said, “When I met with the students, they were on board from the get go. I was delighted to see that the students and their lecturer embraced the opportunity, not only to help others but to gain an understanding of how to manage the needs of children with special needs in a recreational and sporting environment.” 

Lauren has two children with special needs who inspired her to start the Star Blasters program. “I could see they wouldn't cope well in a mainstream cricket program and decided that I would create something more suited to them both, where they could be themselves, in a judgment free environment.  Before I knew it, we had 16 kids interested in the program – I needed some support.” 

Sport Lecturer Sue Smith said, “Our involvement in the Star Blasters program has provided some incredibly valuable learnings for our Sport Development students.  Being able to experience firsthand the importance of inclusion in sport as part of their studies is something that will stay with them as they start their careers in their chosen field.”  

The Star Blasters meet weekly at the Kingsley Woodvale Cricket Club to learn throwing, catching and batting skills as well as build confidence and what it means to be part of team.  Anyone wanting to know more about the program is urged to contact the Kingsley Woodvale Junior Cricket Club.

Check our website if you are interested in our Sport Development courses.

About Kingsley Woodvale Junior Cricket Club: The club is the largest community cricket club in the Northern Suburbs Cricket Association with 400 active members.  Established in 1990 after the amalgamation of Woodvale Club and the Kingsley Clubs the club is based at the Kingsley Memorial Sports Hall, a space they share with the Kingsley Football Club.