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Hearing impairment inspires student to launch innovative eco gardening business

19 November 2021

You’re probably yet to hear about Treerings, but that's because they are a brand new innovative and environmentally friendly fertilising product that just hit the shelves in Perth nurseries and best of all, it was created by one of our students.

NMTAFE student Garry Eglinton, who is currently undertaking a Horticulture qualification at our Midland campus, has recently set up Treerings with the support of his horticulturalist son-in-law and business savvy daughter, also a former student.

Treerings are a compressed fertilising solution made from recycled waste materials such as manure and recycled paper that can be placed at the base of a plant. They provide precision fertiliser placement, meaning they work directly at the base of the tree or plant, where the nutrients are needed most.

Garry was suddenly affected by partial hearing loss and was unable to continue at his current workplace. Garry said he always had a passion for gardening and the environment and decided to learn more about horticulture at TAFE. It wasn’t long after commencing his qualification when inspiration sparked and Garry found himself teaming up to start a business with his daughter Jess, who previously graduated with a Diploma of Business at NMTAFE.

Gary said the new business venture has been challenging yet very rewarding at the same time.  

“We really believe this is where the future of home agriculture is headed – to more environmentally friendly solutions that can make even the most amateur gardener a pro,” he said.

“We are now moving to the next stage of our business – and seeking crowd funding from the community so we can take the next step and share our product with more Australians.

“We want to expand in more nurseries to be able to provide Treerings to gardening enthusiasts and tree planting initiatives across Perth and rural WA."

Gary will finish his studies at Midland campus this semester with his future in horticulture looking bright.

To learn more about Treerings you can visit their website

If you’re interested in studying horticulture like Garry, applications are now open for 2022. Find out more at our Horticulture and conservation courses page.