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The zines scene

Our graphic design students developed and documented personalised ‘isolation magazines’ which focused on their personal passions during COVID-19.

  • Our students learnt about layout, design and typography in Adobe InDesign through remote learning and online tutorials. 
  • Using these skills they developed a range of ‘mini-zines’ which focused on subjects as diverse as rock-climbing, men’s fashion, bold architecture awareness and a general celebration of the student’s favourite things. A positive project for students to work on during the height of the global pandemic lockdown.

This project was a welcome distraction for graphic design student, Nicole Cutler.

“The ability to learn a new software programme [Adobe InDesign] helped keep me sane during the COVID-19 lockdown as I decided to use the experience to learn more about the pandemic as well as graphic design for our magazine assignment,” said Nicole. 

“The online support and guidance provided by my TAFE lecturer through COVID was exceptional and I managed to create something far better than I imagined possible at the beginning of the semester.” 

Student Heather Melling made her magazine project dual purpose. 

“It was a really fun, flexible project and I learned heaps. I feel like I can actually use InDesign now!”Setup.jpg

“It's so cool to have something tangible to show for the hours you put into the course – now I have a birthday present for my brother as well...pretty sweet.”

NMTAFE lecturer Tim Ewers worked on the display for the student ‘zines’, binding, trimming and suspending the booklets on a uniquely interactive string system in the college library. 
“It was inspiring to see students take content they are passionate about and develop their understanding of InDesign, typography and layout techniques to drive the aesthetic quality of their magazines.” 

The ‘zines’ are a welcome addition to the library’s new ‘Collaborate Zones’ which offers students space to study and access resources, even during lockdown. 

“The library was looking at a way to highlight our new Collaborate Zone, so we approached the graphic design folk to see if their students might come up with a poster,” explains NMTAFE librarian Susan Dale. 

“Not only did they produce a stunning poster, but they also suggested we host their Zine Exhibition. It’s a perfect collaboration for library. We love their work and we hope as many students and staff as possible will come in and see it.” 

“At the same time, we hope to highlight our ‘new’ space where students can make a bit of noise, tune into their Blackboard Collaborate sessions and work together while keeping COVID safe.”


Be sure to check out the ‘Isolation Zines’ at our Perth campus library, on show for the next month. 

Find out more about our Graphic Design courses. 

Page last updated June 30, 2020