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Upskilling energy utility workers

We have joined forces with Western Power and Horizon Power to upskill their workers to meet the demands of an energy renewable future for Western Australia. 

  • Selected Western Power and Horizon Power employees have commenced their UEE33011 Certificate III in Electrical Fitting at our East Perth campus. 
  • Minister for Education and Training, Sue Ellery and Minister for Energy, Bill Johnston visited the campus last week to see students in action.   
  • The training program is set to address job growth in renewable energy technology being rolled out across the State. 

“The WA Utilities, Engineering, Electrical and Automotive Training Council and North Metropolitan TAFE are working closely with industry to ensure we have a workforce skilled to support energy transformation,” said Hon Sue Ellery. 

In collaboration with Horizon Power, Western Power and the WA Utilities, Engineering, Electrical and Automotive Training Council, the new course has been tailored to recognise existing skillsets of the workers. 

Once qualified, Western Power and Horizon Power employees will be able to operate, maintain and repair SPS units across the State. In the Pilbara, Horizon Power employees will undertake operational, maintenance and repair work of the North West Interconnected System, Pilbara’s main electricity network. Horizon_Launch_3.jpg

"The energy sector is experiencing a rapid transformation worldwide; it's important we have the appropriate training programs available to upskill our workers and ensure they're equipped to meet the technological requirements of the future,” said Hon Bill Johnston. 

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