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Inking out side of the box

Letterpress artist Phil Gambrill of Fresh Lemon Print was invited to spend ten weeks during Term 3, 2020 sharing his passion and expertise with staff and students in the print and graphic design area.

  • Our print and graphic design studio has been modernised with a high precision laser cutter to set custom type high designs.
  • Most print and graphic design students prefer digital pursuits and are being introduced to combining modern technology with traditional printing processes.
  • In addition, the slow pace, manual processes and variance in vintage movable type attracts advanced diploma graphic design students and lecturers alike.

Inking out side the box sign.jpgArtist residencies are intrinsic to many artistic careers which can develop into rewarding collaborations in the contemporary art scene — connecting the local with the global art world. Phil’s residency played an important role in facilitating ‘skill sharing’ in an open and experimental exchange of new ideas. It also became an invaluable adjunct to creating unique professional development opportunities for host staff and students.
During his residency Phil was free to explore typographic subjects that had for a long time fascinated him; one being the ampersand letterform. Phil looked at the ampersand ligature in all of its shapes and forms and eventually settled upon an oversized Goudy italic font iteration as the centre piece. The resulting 1000mm x 700mm print blended the vintage and modern techniques used in the workshop — a celebration of the ‘partnership and ampersand’ showcasing Phil’s trademark style of ink textures and overprints in a colourful, grungy, typographic poster. The background was created from various 30 and 40 line condensed fonts, all printed masterfully on our 19th Century Colombian press.
Part of the of the residency was to display and exhibit Phil’s work and we were lucky enough to acquire a piece for our art collection. Phil's artwork is pictured during the official handover to staff from Gallery Central, Predrag Delibasich (Gallery Assistant and incoming Art Curator) and Thelma John (Art Gallery Manager).

Inking out side of the box group.jpg Inking out side of the box ampersand.jpg
Inking out side of the box Phil at press.jpg Inking out side of the box prints.jpg


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