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Free health checks for local community

Our Assistant-in-Nursing (AIN) students have “health checked” over 1,200 people at Lakeside Joondalup Shopping City.

  • 20 Certificate III in Health Services Assistance (Acute Care) students and four lecturers, who are also Registered Nurses (RN), set up a ‘pop-up, drop-in’ area in the central forecourt to provide free health checks to shoppers. 
  • Checks included finger prick blood sugar readings, blood pressure and heart rate.
  • After each health check was signed-off by an RN, customers were able to take home a written record of the check, given an opportunity to ask questions and some even referred to their GP if results were out of the ordinary.

“On the first day we printed enough forms for 100 health checks, thinking that would be more than enough.  But we were overwhelmed by community support and in the end, completed just over 1200 free health checks in two days at the centre,” said Lead Health Lecturer, Sarah Hinchliffe.

Originally designed for Lakeside’s Walking Group, students had planned to conduct health checks after the 50’s plus community walking group completed their morning walk in the centre.  But many walkers were keen to have both before and after exercise health checks to see the difference their walking made to their heart health.  

Students started each day with a work health safety briefing, researched and conducted by their colleagues. Practicing industry-standard infection control techniques, students worked with each customer to prick fingers for a drop of blood to run sugar levels and to take blood pressure and heart rate readings.  

“It seems to have sparked an interest in some of these [other] students to consider further training in the health field,” commented NMTAFE Health Lecturer Yvette Vos. 
As students studying other qualifications came along to lend their support and learn about what an AIN does.

16-year-old student Porsha said the event was very useful in helping her gain confidence and practice at skills she will need in the workplace.

“I was so nervous to start with, and it took me a long time to complete my first check, but after I had done more than 20 health checks I was so much more confident and a lot quicker,” said Porsha.  

“I feel this has really helped me because I was working with real people and everyone’s readings were just so different. I learned a lot.” 

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Page last updated November 04, 2019