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Cyber students coded together at HackSmith V3.0

Our Joondalup campus hosted the first ever Australia HackSmith 24-hour competition run by BlackHat Asia, in collaboration with Australian Information Security Association (AISA)

  • HackSmith V3.0 is a 24 hour InfoSec Tools Development Hackathon consisting of competing teams from a variety of backgrounds.
  • The competition consisted of teams of up to four cyber practitioners, who worked around the clock to devise a solution within 24 hours. The groups then presented their tool to a professional judging panel. 
  • Our cyber security students Ben Armstrong and Jett Potter took home the win.

“The concept is a bit like SharkTank where participants come up with solid concepts/prototypes that can be fleshed out to a working practical application that will help the broader cyber security industry in its battles against hackers and other online threats,” said IT and Digital Media Head of Programs, Alan Johns.

“It’s an amazing feeling to see that one of our student teams was announced as winners. Overall I’m most excited that it gave all our competing students more real-world exposure and something that is definitely eye-catching on their resume from being part of this event.”

Three NMTAFE cyber security teams competed against competitors from private and public enterprises for limited edition medals and to be featured at the prestigious Black Hat Asia 2020 Arsenal event held at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore in March 2020.

“The success of the HackSmith definitely enhanced North Metropolitan TAFE’s reputation as a leader in cyber security education in Western Australia,” said our Director of Integrated Technologies and Automation, Maree Tabb. 

“Congratulations goes to all involved, but a huge congratulation to our winning student team, well done.”

The event was made possible thanks to the support of Black Hat Asia/Division Zero, AISA and AusCyber.

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(Top left) Maree Tabb (NMTAFE Portfolio Director Integrated Tech & Automation) opening address with Mourad Khalil (AISA Perth Branch Chair).

(Top middle) BlackHat & Div /0 organisation representatives who ran the event.

(Top right) Competition organisers Rachel Mahncke (CyberSecurity Research Centre), Mourad Khalil (AISA), Daisy Sinclair (AISA),  Robert Laurie (AISA), Maree Tabb (NMTAFE), Alan Johns (NMTAFE).

(Bottom left) Cyber group competitor team.

(Bottom right) Competition winners Ben Armstrong and Jett Potter.


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