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Aboriginal cadets become WA police officers

Parade Group

Four recruits from the WA Police Force Aboriginal Cadet Program have begun their careers, after successfully graduating as police officers.

  • The two men and two women were among 41 graduating officers cheered on by family and friends during a ceremonial march-past parade at the WA Police Force Academy in Joondalup
  • One Aboriginal recruit, 26-year old Mark Tye decided to mark the occasion by proposing to his girlfriend on bended knee in front of the cheerful crowd
  • The Aboriginal Cadet Program open to people aged 17 to 25, is a partnership between the WA Police Force and North Metropolitan TAFE to create a more accessible pathway for young Aboriginal people who wish to become police officers.

Aboriginal recruit Mark Tye was earning good money working FIFO but reached a point in his life where he wanted a change and a more stable job that would give him the opportunity to help people.

“I’d been out of school for a while so the Aboriginal Cadet Program helped me with basic literacy and numeracy skills for the Academy’s entrance exam,” said Mark. Female cadet with VIPs
“We also had good mentors and were well supported throughout our time at the Academy.”

21-year old Aboriginal recruit Tiarna Eades came from a family of sport lovers so knew she was destined for a physical career. She also wants to prove that policing is a positive career choice for Aboriginal people.

“I am one person, but it only takes one person to make a change. I knew within two weeks at the Academy that this is what I wanted to do – sure it’s challenging but it’s so rewarding too,” said Tiarna.

Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery joined Police Minister Michelle Roberts in congratulating the recruits.

"The cadets graduating today should be really proud of their achievements and excited for the careers they have ahead of them - no doubt they will inspire others to pursue a great career in the Police Force," said Minister Ellery. 

Graduates will now be deployed to regional and metropolitan police stations to start their police career.

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Top right: Aboriginal Police Recruit Tiarna Eades with North Metro TAFE MD Michelle Hoad (left) and Member for Joondalup, Emily Hamilton MLA (right).

Right: Aboriginal Police Recruits Tiarna Eades and Mark Tye with Sergeant Geoff Regan and North Metro TAFE MD Michelle Hoad.

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