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“And Action” on the set of The Heights

The Heights Cover

North Metropolitan TAFE’s industry partnership with Matchbox Pictures, Screenwest and the ABC, is giving our Screen and Media students a unique kick-start to their careers.

  • Through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), Matchbox Pictures is providing students with invaluable experience working on a new production The Heights which will support them to find jobs post-graduation.   
  • The Heights is a 30 x 30' serial drama that is set in Perth and centres on the inner-city neighbourhood of Arcadia Heights, exploring the relationships between the residents of the social housing tower and the people who live in the rapidly gentrifying community that surrounds it. 
  • More than 50 North Metropolitan TAFE students are set to be involved in the production. 

North Metropolitan TAFE Director of Media, Lawry Hill, believes that the MoU and our industry connections will really benefit students involved in the project.  

“Our students are heavily involved in this production, and the long-term benefit to our graduate’s careers will be immense,” said Lawry. 

Currently there are 11 Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media (Digital Cinema) students involved in the first block of shooting in various areas on set including the art, camera and sound departments.

Working on The Heights is an incredible opportunity for students to gain world-class industry experience in their own backyard. 

39-year-old Malaysian student Ain Khan works in the camera department but is also an aspiring Director and competent writer. “We learn a lot by coming here, by seeing how different professionals work, it is really not that different from what we are learning at TAFE,” she said.

“I am learning so much whilst working on The Heights, including how to behave on a real set. I will take all this knowledge back to future TAFE productions,” said 21-year-old student Harne Hennessey who is working in the lighting department on set. 

Students from other creative areas including Animation & Game Design and Mass Communication will also have the opportunity to be involved in the project in the post-production stage. 

The partnership has given students practical training in a number of course units and the filming at our East Perth and Mount Lawley campuses has added value to campus life.  

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Photos: (Top) Michelle Hoad, MD North Metropolitan TAFE, and Lawry Hill, Director of Media, with student crew on the set of The Heights.

(Middle) Maria Mendieta and Ain Khan.

(Bottom) Harne Hennessey.


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