Skills recognition

Skills Recognition is a formal process where you can gain competency for units you are enrolling into, or are currently enrolled in, without having to re-learn or practice things you already know and do.

We assess your knowledge and skills gained through experiences such as formal training (e.g. attending TAFE or university), non-formal training (via a professional development program at work) or informal learning (on-the-job experience).

We can assess your skills and knowledge through one of the processes below.

Please note if you are an international student seeking skills recognition please contact

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

RPL is a formal assessment process where we assess your current knowledge and skills against the unit(s) for which you are seeking recognition.

Information about each unit is available on

The RPL process

Complete the attached Self-Assessment Checklist below by providing as much information about your previous experience as you can.

This is your first opportunity (and not the last) to provide proof of your variety of experience in your chosen industry. Here you can supply examples of your work history which could include:

  • Resume / CV outlining your work history
  • Job descriptions
  • Certificates / results of assessment
  • Details of in-house courses, workshops, seminars, orientation or induction sessions
  • References / letters from previous employers / supervisors
  • Licences
  • Certificates / results of assessment – interstate / overseas
  • Certificates / results of assessment – universities
  • Tickets held e.g. forklift, crane, etc.
  • Photographs of work undertaken
  • Diaries / task sheets / job sheets / log books
  • Workplace / professional development records
  • Membership of relevant professional associations
  • Hobbies / interests / special skills outside work
  • Any other documentation that may demonstrate your industry experience
  • Indentures / trade papers

Depending on the industry you have worked in, you may or may not have documentary evidence available. This should not deter you from seeking RPL as the Assessor will work with you during the RPL process.

You may also wish to supply contact details of one or two work referees who can confirm your skills in the industry.

An assessor will review the information you have provided (usually with you) and begin to match up your skills to the unit(s) in a qualification.

At this point, you will have the opportunity to discuss and identify your previous experience with the assessor who will understand your industry experience and conduct a competency conversation with you.

You will be required to answer industry related questions to identify your current knowledge relevant to the unit(s).

The assessor may conduct a practical skills test at your workplace or a suitable venue that suits both of you.

This, again, is an opportunity to demonstrate your level of competence.

This assessment will be focussed on skills that are required in the unit(s). Your assessor will identify the skills that he/she will want you to demonstrate.

These skills are listed on for each unit.

Further steps

After the assessment, your assessor will provide you with information about the skills that have been recognised. 

If you do have skill gaps, these may be addressed through further training.

Recognition of Current Competency (RCC)

RCC is where you have previously successfully completed the requirements for a unit of competency and are now required to be reassessed to ensure that competency is being maintained (e.g. by a licencing authority).

Register your interest

If you would like to be reassessed for competency for a particular unit of competency that you have previously completed, please contact us via this form.

Credit Transfer

Credit transfer recognises formal education that you have previously undertaken.

If you have successfully completed a superseded unit that has been deemed equivalent and you can demonstrate currency, North Metropolitan TAFE will recognise the unit and credit it to your current studies.

You must provide certified copies of the unit(s) of competency.  Please attend at any Student Services counter with your original documents, as staff must view these in order to certify your copies.

There is no charge for processing a credit transfer application.

Trade Skills Recognition (TSR)

Trade Skills Recognition (TSR) is available to candidates seeking formal acknowledgement of their trade skills and knowledge through recognition of prior learning. TSR applies to all qualifications that are required to be undertaken by an apprenticeship.

In some instances an individual who has been working in industry may gain the necessary skills and competency to be recognised as a tradesperson, although never having completed a formal qualification.

A Registered Training Organisation (RTO) can issue a qualification through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for people who can demonstrate they meet the competencies required for the qualification.

Individuals may apply for TSR if they can meet the requirements of the qualification through previous study and/or RPL. If there are any of the requirements that cannot be met and require training to fill that gap, then the individual would need to complete the gap training under a Training contract (i.e. within an apprenticeship arrangement)

Please note The TSR process does not apply to skills recognition for individuals holding an overseas qualification – please refer to Trades Recognition Australia for this process.