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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

What is RPL?

Throughout your life you will have gained skills and knowledge and these will have been obtained through formal training (such as through attending a TAFE or university), non-formal training (for example, via a professional development program conducted by your work) or informal learning (such as on-the-job).

RPL is a formal assessment process where we assess your current knowledge and skills against the unit(s) for which you are seeking recognition.

Information about each unit is available on


Steps in the RPL process

Step 1 – Provide information of your skills and experience

Complete the attached Self-Assessment Checklist below by providing as much information about your previous experience as you can. This is your first opportunity (and not the last) to provide proof of your variety of experience in your chosen industry. Here you can supply examples of your work history which could include:

  • Resume / CV outlining your work history
  • Job descriptions
  • Certificates / results of assessment
  • Details of in-house courses, workshops, seminars, orientation or induction sessions
  • References / letters from previous employers / supervisors
  • Licences
  • Certificates / results of assessment – interstate / overseas
  • Certificates / results of assessment – universities
  • Tickets held e.g. forklift, crane, etc.
  • Photographs of work undertaken
  • Diaries / task sheets / job sheets / log books
  • Workplace / professional development records
  • Membership of relevant professional associations
  • Hobbies / interests / special skills outside work
  • Any other documentation that may demonstrate your industry experience
  • Indentures / trade papers

Depending on the industry you have worked in, you may or may not have documentary evidence available. This should not deter you from seeking RPL as the Assessor will work with you during the RPL process.

You may also wish to supply contact details of one or two work referees who can confirm your skills in the industry.

Step 2 – Conversation with an Assessor

An Assessor will review the information you have provided (usually with you) and begin to match up your skills to the unit(s) in a qualification. At this point, you will have the opportunity to discuss and identify your previous experience with the Assessor who will understand your industry experience and conduct a competency conversation with you. You will be required to answer industry related questions to identify your current knowledge relevant to the unit(s).

Step 3 – Practical demonstration of your skills

The assessor may conduct a practical skills test at your workplace or a suitable venue that suits both of you. This, again, is an opportunity to demonstrate your level of competence. This assessment will be focussed on skills that are required in the unit(s). Your assessor will identify the skills that he/she will want you to demonstrate. These skills are listed on for each unit.

Further steps

After the assessment, your assessor will provide you with information about the skills that have been recognised.  If you do have skill gaps, these may be addressed through further training.


Self-Assessment Checklist

Personal details
By providing my USI, I understand the privacy relating to USI and understand that this information is protected by the Student Identifiers Act 2014. I understand that the personal information provided in connection to my USI is collected by the Registrar for the purposes of applying for, verifying and creating a USI and may be disclosed as required under the Privacy Act 1988.
Please note you will need to log into your USI account to enable permissions.
Citizenship/Residency status
How well do you speak, read and write in English?
Physical or medical conditions
Industry experience
In this section, provide some general information about your current and past industry experiences, both paid and unpaid.
Please indicate length of time in years and months.
If you have further recent industry experience, please attach your Current resume/CV and further evidence in the Supporting Documentation section below.
For the industry area that you outlined above, rate your own knowledge and skills against the list below.

Note: if you answer "No" to all of the previous self-evaluation questions, RPL may not be the most suitable option for you.  You may wish to contact one of the Jobs and Skills Centres who offer free career, training and employment assistance on 13 64 64.

Qualifications, Licences and Records of Informal Training
Provide details of any relevant trade certificates, vocational / university qualifications, certificates, licences tickets held (e.g. forklift, crane) and records of informal training you may hold to support your RPL application.
If you have more than 5 records that you wish to outline, load eveidence in the Supporting Documentation section below.
Other knowledge, skills and experience
List details in the area provided, including approximate dates.
Supporting documentation

A requirement of your RPL application is the inclusion of evidence (which may also include third party evidence) that supports your knowledge, skills and experience. To assist you collect this evidence we have listed below examples of various types of documents that will substantiate your claims.

Your current resume along with a number of these documents may be required as evidence. You may also wish to attach evidence such as:Photographs of work undertaken

  • Diaries / task sheets / job sheets / logbooks
  • Showreel or links to own social media presence, such as a website, YouTube clips, Instagram
  • Workplace / professional development records
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Membership of relevant professional associations
  • Hobbies / interests / special skills outside work
  • Industry awards
  • Any other documentation that may demonstrate your industry experience
Press "Choose FIle" to upload your Resume or Curriculum Vitae. Browse for your file then press "Upload". If you see that you have chosen the incorrect file before pressing "Upload" simply press "Choose File" again. If you see the incorrect file after pressing "Upload", press "Remove" then press "Choose File" again.
Files must be less than 10 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg png tif pdf doc docx.
If you have multiple files, you should combine these into 1 x PDF prior to uploading.
Files must be less than 10 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png tif pdf doc docx.

Applicant agreement

I certify that:

  • The above information provided is true and correct.
  • I understand the requirements of the RPL process and I am prepared to enrol if deemed suitable.
  • I understand that I am required to provide verified documentary evidence to support my application for RPL.
  • I recognise that any reduction in enrolled study hours may affect Centrelink and other study allowances.
  • I understand that an unsuccessful application will not entitle me to a refund of the fee paid and that I will need to seek an alternative method of obtaining a unit/qualification outcome.
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