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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a form of assessment that acknowledges your formal and informal learning gained through:

  • Previous training and education

  • Past and current work experience - paid or volunteer

  • Life experience

The RPL process will involve validation of your existing skills and knowledge. Through this process you will be able to obtain credits in a course and, in some cases, a full qualification.


What are the advantages of RPL?
  • It can assist you in gaining entry into higher levels of study and training.
  • You can obtain/complete a formal qualification in a shorter period of time and at less cost.
  • It can increase your career and education options through recognised skills and knowledge.
  • You are recognised for your existing skills and knowledge, thus eliminating the need to repeat the learning that you have already undertaken.


How to apply for RPL

Step 1. Learn more about the RPL process and if it is right for you

We recommend that you first speak with one of our lecturers to determine if RPL is the right pathway for you to enrol in. Your lecturer will provide you with details about the types of evidence you will need to supply to demonstrate your skills and experience. These vary greatly and relate directly to the industry area that you are applying for.

Click here to organise to speak to one of the lecturers:

Step 2. Apply and Pay

If you choose to proceed with the RPL you will then need to apply and be admitted into the course and units that you are being assessed against and then make the relevant payment.

To do this, go to the Apply and Enrol page

Step 3. Assessment

A qualified assessor who understands your industry will then review the evidence you provide regarding your skills and knowledge and determine if there is sufficient proof that you meet the requirements of the training package to be granted RPL.

Your assessor may need to contact you during this time to clarify information that you have presented or request further details.

Step 4. Notification of outcome

After the assessment of your prior learning, your assessor will give you feedback about the skills and knowledge that have been recognised and your enrolment record will be updated to reflect if the RPL was granted or not granted.

If you do have any skill gaps, the assessor will discuss with you how these may be addressed through flexible training options to complete the qualification.


Page last updated July 23, 2018