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Application for award

Please provide us with the following details to apply for your Qualification or Academic Award, for your studies at North Metropolitan TAFE.   Allow up to four (4) weeks for processing.



Student details

Any documentation requested via this form cannot be issued without North Metropolitan TAFE being able to access your USI. To create or retrieve your USI please go to www.usi.gov.au


Request details

Note: If your Award is not collected within 14 days it will be posted to the address provided on this form.


Payment details

For printed re-issues of Qualifications or Academic Record, you will need to contact the North Metropolitan TAFE Award Team 

T 08 9427 1680

E helpawards@nmtafe.wa.edu.au


Course details

About the course you have completed



Note 1: Awards & Results cannot be issued to students with any current balance outstanding. Note 2: Any units missed must be enrolled and paid for in full prior to any results being entered and this qualfiication being issued. Any Recognition of Prior Learning, Exemptions or Credit Transfers must also be processed prior to this application
Page last updated December 12, 2019