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Apprentices indentured into the following qualifications:

UEE30811   Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician 
UEE33011   Certificate III in Electrical Fitting

You will be required to complete a Capstone Assessment following the successful completion of the On-Job training and within three (3) months of the end of their contract.
This is to confirm that you satisfy specific training outcome requirements. In Western Australia, upon receipt of the endorsed qualification, the Electrical Licensing Board will issue an electrician licence to the apprentice without further examination.

The Capstone Assessment covers 31 of the 55 essential performance capabilities and includes a practical demonstration of skills as well as an assessment of underpinning knowledge.

The Capstone Program is a four (4) day program:

Monday Revision 8.00am – 16.45pm (8 hrs)
Tuesday Revision 8.00am – 16.45pm (8 hrs)
Wednesday Revision 8.00am – 10.00am (2 hrs)
  Assessment 10.00am – 16.45pm (6 hrs)
Thursday Assessment 8.00am – 16.45pm (8 hrs)


Students are permitted to resit components of the test should the first attempt not be successful.  This is done as a commercial course and needs to be paid for prior to taking the resit.

Students are eligible to sit their Capstone when the following criteria can be demonstrated:

  • Satisfactory completion off all units in the Study Plan including UEENEEC020B  PARTICIPATE IN ELECTRICAL WORK AND COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES
  • Completed all their Q-Tracker (on the Job Profiling) requirements i.e. 100% and currency
  • Contract completions date is within 3 months.

If you meet all of the above criteria, you can request to be scheduled for your Capstone by emailing

If you need assistance with your evidence tracking, contact the Q Tracker team at 

If you have a Completion Date more than six (6) months in the future, you and your employer must complete the Authorisation for Early Capstone Assessment.

Page last updated January 07, 2020