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Policies and responsibilities

We value our students and place great importance on ensuring that each student has a positive experience while attending the college.

Various policies and procedures outline what you can expect from us, and in turn, what conduct we expect from you. 

Our Student Handbook is a useful resource for understanding some of our policies and procedures.

Important information regarding COVID-19

In order to comply with COVID-19 Government directed social distancing guidelines, some courses may include a mix of online, virtual classrooms (live web conferencing with your lecturer and class) and on campus classroom based delivery, as well as practical and work experience placements. 

North Metropolitan TAFE reserves the right to alter the delivery method but the content and key learning outcomes of the course will remain the same. The time, place and delivery method may also vary across the semester to ensure social distancing and safe training delivery for staff and students during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

North Metropolitan TAFE will provide students with adequate support to work in online environments where necessary

Terms and conditions of enrolment

As a student, you MUST read this document regarding the terms and conditions of your enrolment as you'll be agreeing to these conditions when you accept and enrol into your course.
Terms and Conditions

Short course terms and conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before enrolling in any North Metropolitan TAFE short course.

  • At North Metro TAFE we aim to promote lifelong learning, and courses are specifically designed to cater for an adult audience. If you are under 18 years old, you will need your guardian's approval and provide their contact details in order to participate in these courses.
  • If you have any medical conditions, disability or special requirements that may affect your course participation please email upon enrolment 
  • There are minimum and maximum student numbers for each course and courses will only be conducted if the minimum number of enrolments are met.  If in the event a course does not meet minimum numbers you will be notified
  • Fees are subject to change - please check at time of booking
  • Full payment must be made upon enrolment.  Payments are made online via Bookeo and MasterCard or VISA are accepted
  • No refund or make up classes will be provided for absenteeism
  • No refund will be provided for cancellations less than five working days prior to the course commencement date 
  • A $20 administration fee will be incurred for any cancellation
  • There are no exceptional circumstances refunds applicable to commercial short course programs
  • Students will receive a full refund if the course:
    • is cancelled due to insufficient numbers
    • date or time is changed by North Metropolitan TAFE after your enrolment to a day or time not suitable.
Student obligations and responsibilities

Your enrolment at North Metropolitan TAFE is subject to you agreeing to meet the following obligations:

Student code of conduct

You must comply with the Student Code of Conduct, which defines your required conduct in respect to student academic integrity and personal behaviour. The Code defines what constitutes misconduct and the sanctions that can be imposed. Cheating and antisocial behaviour is treated very seriously and may result in your suspension or exclusion from North Metropolitan TAFE.

Student Code of Conduct
TAFE International Code of Conduct

Payment of fees
Payment of fees in full at time of enrolment
If you have paid your fees in full at time of enrolment, you have met your financial obligations. You may be eligible for a refund if you withdraw, please refer to the refund conditions.
Payment by instalments

If you have entered into a direct debit - Payment Plan, which is a legally binding agreement, you are required to ensure you have sufficient funds to pay the agreed instalments on the due date. Defaulting on your instalments/payments will result in penalty charges. Arrangements must be made to pay outstanding instalments to avoid access to services being cancelled. North Metropolitan TAFE will seek to recover any outstanding funds through a debt collection agency. Please be aware, subject to the Refund Policy, if you are on a Payment Plan, you may be liable for unpaid fees even if you withdraw.

Students that wish to enrol in a subject that they have already passed are not entitled to state funding for their second attempt.  In this instance students will be required to pay the full cost of the unit (commercial rate).
Unique Student Identifier
Under the Student Identifiers Act 2014 passed in June 2014; all students, will require a Unique Student Identifier (USI). 
Students must get their Unique Student Identifier (USI) from the USI registry and then submit it together with their Student Statistical Information Form at enrolment, as North Metropolitan TAFE has a legal responsibility to collect and submit a Unique Student Identifier and statistical information for all students as part of its funding obligations.

A student’s enrolment will be cancelled, if they do not submit a USI.

Changes to your enrolment
You must formally request to make any enrolment amendments by attending in person at a Client Services counter.
Enrolment amendments include:

  • Name changes (documentary evidence must be provided)
  • Withdrawing from one or more units (this can be done via the withdrawal form available on our website)
  • Contact details changes (this can also be done on Student Portal).

Enrolling in additional units or transferring to another class or course must be done at the academic area (additional fees may apply).
Withdrawing from a course
If you choose not to continue with your studies you must complete the withdrawal form. Until this notification is received, your enrolment will remain active.

Note  If you do not formally withdraw you will receive a re-enrol result.
           Please refer to the refund policy to check eligibility for a refund or a reduction in your fees upon withdrawal.
Obligations of students in receipt of Centrelink allowances

It is a student's responsibility to assess with Centrelink how their existing benefits may change before enrolling in a course. More information can be found on the Department of Human Services website

If you are in receipt of a Youth Allowance or Austudy/Abstudy, you must maintain a full-time study load to remain eligible for these payments.

You must advise Centrelink immediately if you:

  •    Amend or reduce your enrolled hours
  •    Change your course of study
  •    Stop studying
  •    Commence employment
  •    Change hours of work or employment income
  •    Change address.

You can update your details using your Centrelink online account. More information can be found on the Department of Human Services website.
State-funded places are available only to permanent residents and holders of select visa subclasses. Non-residents must pay commercial fees. If you are on a student visa, you must apply through TAFE International Western Australia (TIWA).

Results will not be given over the phone.  Your results are available via the Student portal. If you require an official copy of your results before completing your course, you can request a copy via our website.
Please note Students who enrol in assessable units or examinable subjects and do not complete assessment requirements will receive a RE-ENROL result

Refusal of re-admission

North Metropolitan TAFE may refuse admission to students who have defaulted on the payment of course fees or breached the Student Code of Conduct. Until all outstanding fees are paid, or the period of suspension has passed, affected students will not be permitted to enrol.  

Student code of conduct

As a student at North Metropolitan TAFE you must follow our By-laws and Student Code of Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct outlines the standard of academic integrity and personal behaviour expected of all students. In general it is expected that as a student you will:

  • Treat staff and fellow students courteously and with consideration at all times 
  • Be responsible for your study program
  • Maintain a reasonable standard of grooming, including appropriate standards of hygiene and clothing
  • Take reasonable care of  NMT property, equipment, and facilities

Behaviour contrary to the student code of conduct often also constitutes a breach of our By-laws. There are a number of sanctions (penalties) that can be imposed on people who breach the By-laws including fines, suspension, expulsion, exclusions and withholding results. 

If you are unsure about what is the right thing to do in any circumstance, you are encouraged to ask advice from our staff.

Charter of Customer Service

The Charter of Customer Service sets out the service standards that our customers can expect. As an enrolled students you are entitled to expect the following standards:

Academic programs and services
Delivery of high quality, contemporary programs supported by appropriately qualified staff and technology. Timely communication of information about relevant operations of the North Metropolitan TAFE, including:

  • Selection, enrolment and induction/ orientation procedures
  • Course information, including course delivery plans, content and vocational outcomes
  • Timetables and classroom allocations and any changes to staffing arrangements, timetables or classroom allocations
  • Provision of language, literacy and numeracy assessment
  • Provision of suitable learning materials
  • Flexible learning and assessment plans
  • Recognition of existing skills and awarding of credits towards qualifications
  • When results can be expected
  • Feedback on assessment outcomes and general feedback during course delivery
  • Appeals procedures.

General programs and services
A safe, healthy training environment, free of harassment that respects the rights of the individual and values diversity. A consultation process that provides for input into decision making processes. Timely communication of information about relevant operations of North Metropolitan TAFE, including:

  • Availability of disability services, welfare and guidance services and how to access them
  • Grievance and complaints procedures
  • Occupational safety and health procedures and requirements
  • Fees and charges, including refund and fee waiver policies and how to apply for fee waivers or refunds
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Issuing of awards procedure

The standards of behaviour that North Metropolitan TAFE expects from its students are as follows:

  • A sense of self responsibility about your study program
  • That you will treat staff and fellow students with courtesy at all times
  • You will undertake reasonable presentation, including appropriate standards of hygiene and clothing
  • You will take reasonable care of property and equipment.
Discipline procedures 

Detailed information on disciplinary procedures are found in part 6 of the North Metropolitan TAFE By-laws (under the Vocational Education and Training Act 1996). 

If disciplinary action is deemed necessary it may include a monetary fine, suspension from a course, expulsion, withholding results, exclusion from lectures or refusal of enrolment.

Part 6 – Penalties and disciplinary consequences 

A person who contravenes any of these By-laws commits an offence. Penalty $1,000.

Disciplinary consequences
(1) Instead of recovering a penalty in a court of summary jurisdiction if an alleged offender is an enrolled student an authorised person may proceed against the enrolled student as for a disciplinary offence and have the complaint heard and determined by the Managing Director or an authorised person other than the person who commenced the proceedings in relation to the offence.

(2) If the Managing Director or the authorised person referred to in subsection (1) is of the opinion that the alleged offender has committed an offence the Managing Director or authorised person may impose any one or more of the following penalties:

  • A fine not exceeding $50
  • Suspend all or any of the privileges of the enrolled student
  • Exclude the enrolled student from attending lectures
  • Withhold examination results of the enrolled student
  • Suspend the enrolled student for a period not exceeding two semesters of any course or courses
  • Expel the enrolled student from North Metropolitan TAFE
  • Refuse re-enrolment as a student.

(3) A decision by the Managing Director or authorised person imposing a penalty specified in subsection (2) (f) or (g) is not effective unless confirmed by the Governing Council.

(4) The Managing Director or authorised person is to serve notice of any penalty imposed on an enrolled student under subsection (2) on the enrolled student within 28 days of the day after the penalty is imposed.

(5) If proceedings for an offence against an enrolled student is pending at any time before the enrolled student is or may become entitled to an award for North Metropolitan TAFE, the granting of the award may be adjourned until after the proceedings are completed.

(6) If at the time an enrolled student is entitled to an award for North Metropolitan TAFE:

  • The enrolled student has not paid any penalty imposed on the enrolled student under these By-laws
  • The enrolled student without lawful excuse retains any property of North Metropolitan TAFE
  • Then the award may be withheld until the enrolled student has paid the amount of the penalty or returned the property to North Metropolitan TAFE.
Safety, health and security

The safety and health of our staff and students is our number one priority. We promote best practice in safety and health in all our activities so that staff and students can carry out their work and studies in a safe and healthy environment.
Duty of care
In addition to the polices and procedures that staff follow to keep themselves and students safe, students also share a responsibility for the safety and health of themselves and others. Your legal ‘duty of care’ will also carry through to workplaces and become part of your everyday work practices.

This ‘duty of care’ requires that you:

  • Make yourself aware of the relevant policies, procedures and instructions
  • Comply with these policies, procedures and instructions
  • Take reasonable care of yourself and others in the workplace by being aware of the effects of your actions
  • Cooperate with staff so they are able to carry out their duties under the Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Report all known or observed hazards, incidents and injuries.

The following information is an introduction to how you can contribute to the safety and health of yourself and others while you are here.
For further information, or if in doubt, please speak to your lecturer.

Please remember 

If you see something that you think could harm yourself or others tell somebody about it. This could be your lecturer, another staff member or Security, but please do not ignore it.

Personal safety and security
Remember to never leave your wallet, bag or purse or other items of property unsecured and unattended. Clearly marking your property leaves no doubt to ownership (especially expensive text books you need for study).

Speak to your lecturer if you would like to learn more about practical tips to ensure your own personal safety and security.

You should report suspicious behaviour and all incidents, including minor thefts, vandalism or graffiti to Security [for Perth (Northbridge) campuses, internal phone extension number 1111 or 9427 1111 mobile], your lecturer or any staff member.

Be aware of flyers and posters displayed on noticeboards.

Students are warned to be vigilant when responding to flyers on noticeboards. Be particularly aware of a flyer with offers for 'Jobs for Girls' for promotion work.
Concerned? Have a chat to Security at your campus or your lecturer.

All campuses have emergency procedures for managing situations that may require evacuation of a building, including evacuation alarm systems and fire suppression sprinkler systems. You should learn the evacuation procedure for your campus. Evacuation plans, assembly areas and instructions on evacuation routes are located on floor plans located near each class. If in doubt ask your lecturer.

Upon hearing the evacuation alarm, all students must stop what they are doing and follow the instructions given by the Wardens  or any staff member who may be directing the response to an alarm. Wardens will be easily recognisable by their coloured hard hats. 

If the alert siren sounds:

  • If safe to do so, switch off all computers, printers, or electrical appliances and any ignition sources
  • Close all windows and doors
  • Gather your personal belongings in preparation to evacuate the building on instruction from the fire warden.
  • Organise/ help others in the room.

When the evacuation siren sounds:

  • Go to the nearest fire exit as directed by the Fire Warden. DO NOT RUN
  • Only take your personal belongings
  • Do not use lifts or telephones
  • Advise a warden or lecturer of any injured persons as soon as possible
  • in a multi-story building should remain in a designated stair well (which are fire safe) with a volunteer helper, if possible. Emergency services personnel, or a trained staff member using an evacuation chair, will transport a person with a mobility disability from the building. Students should not attempt to bring wheelchairs downstairs or attempt to use the evacuation chairs unless trained.
  • When you get outside, go to the nominated assembly area and remain in class groups so the lecturer can check you prescence.
  • Do not remove or use vehicles on campus grounds during evacuations until an all clear is given.

What to do if you discover a suspicious object:

  • Any suspicious item(s) must be reported to Security [for Perth (Northbridge) campuses, internal phone extension number 1111 or 9427 1111 mobile], your lecturer or to a staff member as soon as possible.
  • Items of a suspicious nature may include unclaimed bags or packages or items emitting a peculiar odour or noise.

What to do in emergency situations after 5:00pm
If you discover a fire or other emergency after 5:00pm:

  • Raise the alarm by contacting Security [for Perth (Northbridge) campuses, internal phone extension number 1111 or 9427 1111 mobile], your lecturer or any staff member.
  • If all else fails call Fire and Emergency Services (0) 000
  • Break a fire ‘break glass’ alarm if one is nearby
  • Alert other staff and students in the area
  • Evacuate through the nearest safe exit and proceed to the designated assembly area and remain with class group until given directions by the security guard or your lecturer
  • Advise Security, or a lecturer where any impaired person may be waiting for assistance.

First aid

North Metropolitan TAFE maintains a network of staff who are registered and trained first aiders (all security guards have been trained in first aid). 

Make sure the immediate area is safe – do not put yourself or anyone else in danger.

If you are in need of first aid, please advise your lecturer or a staff member so that a First Aider can be contacted. The Security Officer will seek the assistance of the nearest First Aid Officer and if necessary call an ambulance on 000 and ensure access for the ambulance.

If the injury appears serious, the person should not be moved, the First Aid Officer should attend to the person at the site of the accident. Stay with the sick or injured person if possible.

What do you do if someone appears sick or injured?
Make sure the immediate area is safe – do not put yourself or anyone else in danger.

Advise your lecturer or a staff member so that a First Aider can be contacted. ficer will seek the assistance of the nearest First Aid Officer and if necessary call an ambulance on 000 and ensure access for the ambulance. If the injury appears serious, the person should not be moved, the First Aid Officer should attend to the person at the site of the accident. Stay with the sick or injured person if possible.
Reporting an accident or incident
If you have an accident that requires medical attention on the campus, please report it to your lecturer or supervisor as soon as possible, so that appropriate medical attention is called. All accidents and incidents must be reported using the North Metropolitan TAFE Incident Report Form, which is available from your lecturer or any staff member.
Ambulance cover
In the event of a student requiring emergency medical treatment, we have a duty of care to call an ambulance. As we do not cover the cost of the ambulance or medical expenses, it is strongly recommended that all students obtain personal insurance and ambulance cover. Students are not covered for Personal Accident whilst on campus. 
Safety and health while on formal work experience
When on organised Work Experience, the employer holds the duty of care for your safety and health. Please be aware of the following:
Insurance cover

We hold an insurance policy providing ‘Personal Accident – Work Experience’.  It is a form of worker’s compensation insurance provided for eligible students while on work experience. 

To be eligible the work experience must be authorised by NMTAFE; be either a requirement of the curriculum of the course of study being undertaken or considered a legitimate enhancement of the learning experience of the student’s course of study; be off campus; and the student must not receive any form of remuneration or benefit from the Placement Host. 

If you have any insurance concerns regarding coverage whilst on work experience please contact your lecturer. 

Drugs and alcohol on campus
Students should inform themselves about the effect of alcohol and other drugs on their ability to work and study safely.
Staff and students must not attend classes or other activities while intoxicated by alcohol or other drugs. Consumption of alcohol on our premises, other than at an authorised function, is prohibited. No person under the age of 18 may consume alcohol on North Metropolitan TAFE premises under any circumstances.

Staff and students must also ensure that their ability to work safely or carry out North Metropolitan TAFE related activities are not affected, as a result of any medication they may be taking (including non prescription).

Staff or students should inform either their manager or lecturer of the effects of the medication before commencing work or classes. It may be appropriate for the person to provide some means of verification as to the side-effects of the medication, such as a medical certificate, if medication is to be taken over an extended period of time.
Smoking on college premises
All campuses have a ‘No Smoking Policy’ which precludes anyone smoking while on our grounds or in our vehicles. (This includes the areas immediately outside entrances to the campus buildings). “No Smoking” signs have been installed around North Metropolitan TAFE buildings and grounds and must be obeyed at all times. Offenders may face disciplinary action.
Personal protective equipment
Students must wear personal protective equipment and clothing, when required to do so in designated work areas. As a minimum, students must, at all times, wear footwear appropriate and suitable to the area of study or work or industry standard while on campus, or whilst engaged in activity off campus.

Please remember 

If you see something that you think could harm yourself or others tell somebody about it. This could be your lecturer, another staff member or Security, but please do not ignore it.
Emergency response plans
We are committed to providing a safe environment for staff and students.

However, North Metropolitan TAFE recognises the possibility of a critical incident or disaster occurring without notice.

In the event of a critical incident, there are a number of people who have been trained to act as Critical Incident Response Team members at each campus who will ensure fast and appropriate assistance is provided.

To ensure that we have effective procedures for all situations which may lead to unplanned disruptive incidents or unintended harm to person, property or the environment, emergency response plans have been created. These plans are specific to each campus and detail the action to be taken should a critical incident occur.

For further information please contact us on 1300 300 822.

Refund policy 
In order to qualify for a refund, students must formally withdraw from the Unit of Competency or Course by completing the online Withdrawal form.
It is not sufficient to verbally inform someone at North Metropolitan TAFE of your intention to withdraw.

When calculating a refund of course fees for a student whose fees have been capped, the refund will be relative to the amount paid and conditional to this amount covering the payable fee after withdrawal. If the fees credited still exceed the fee cap amount then no refund of course fees will be payable.

Refunds of Tuition and/or Resource fees will be granted in the following circumstances:
Refund of fees on withdrawal
   • Certificate I to IV students - If you withdraw formally prior on or before the census date for your unit/s you will receive a refund consisting of a 100% refund of the tuition fee and 50% of the resource fee. Students on a payment plan might still have a payable fee after withdrawal.
   • Diploma & Advanced Diploma students. Students who withdraw formally on or before the Census Date for their unit/s will receive a full refund of fees. Upfront part or full payments will be reimbursed. If you are deferring payments through VET Student Loan Scheme, no debt will be incurred with the Commonwealth Government.
No incidental fees will be refunded. Any other fees paid will be refunded according to instructions laid down by the learning portfolio area in which the student is enrolled.

IMPORTANT Please check your enrolment form for the actual Census Date for your unit/s. Your enrolment record can be accessed via the student portal  or on your enrolment summary sheet. 

Full refund of fees
A full refund of tuition and resource fees paid will be granted in the event of the following:
   • A course/qualification or module/unit is cancelled or re-scheduled to a time unsuitable to the student.
   • A student is not given a place due to maximum number of places being reached.

Exceptional circumstances
The Managing Director may approve a pro rata refund of fees at any time during the course of delivery if students withdraw for reasons of personal circumstances beyond their control.
For example:
   • Serious illness resulting in extended absence from classes
   • Injury or disability that prevents the student from completing their program of study
   • In all cases, relevant documentary evidence is required.

Students transferring course enrolments within North Metropolitan TAFE
If a student transfers from one course to another course within North Metropolitan TAFE within the first four (4) weeks of semester, fees paid to date will be transferred to the new course.

Fees will not be transferred to courses that commence in a different semester. The student is liable for any additional fee. If the fee in the new course is lower, a refund will be granted in accordance with the refund policy.
Our refund conditions are available on the back of your enrolment form, please check this form for any further details.
NOTE This refund policy applies only to publicly funded courses. It does not apply to:
   • Commercial courses or commercial fee paying students. Refunds for these courses are at the discretion of the portfolio managing the course.
   • Short courses. Check refund conditions for these courses when enrolling.
   • International students. They must contact the International Centre Advisor

Census dates
The Census Date is the last date you can:
  • Withdraw from your units and apply for a refund on fees you have paid#
  • Submit an application for a VET Student Loan for your enrolment*
  • Withdraw from your units without incurring a Commonwealth loan debt

Please note 
#  Full refunds are only applicable to courses that are eligible for VET Student Loan.
#  Partial refunds are applicable for certificate I – IV courses.
*   VET Student Loan applications must be submitted at least 16 days prior to the census date for the first unit of your study and at least 16 days prior to the census date for subsequent units.

Census dates may vary dependent upon what type of enrolment you have and when you enroled.
Please check your confirmed enrolment form for the actual Census Date for your unit/s. Your enrolment record can be accessed via the student portal  or on your enrolment summary sheet.
The census date for each unit will be calculated at no less than 20% of the way through the delivery of a unit. 

 Acceptable use of IT services by students

North Metropolitan TAFE provides students with the following IT services for learning and research purposes, during their enrolled unit, course or pathway of study:

  • Access to computer software and equipment
  • Access to wireless network services
  • Access to the Internet
  • Access to email

All students using the North Metropolitan TAFE IT services are required to comply with the principles outlined below and in the Information Services Acceptable Use Student Policy.

In using Information Technology, all students have a right to be treated fairly and have an obligation to act responsibly.

Inappropriate use exposes North Metropolitan TAFE to risks including but not limited to virus attacks, malware, compromise of network systems, service leading to reputational and legal issues.
This policy applies to all students of North Metropolitan TAFE IT Resources. They are responsible for exercising good judgement regarding appropriate use of information, electronic devices and network resources in accordance with the North Metropolitan TAFE policies and standards and local laws and regulations. 

The following overarching principles are to be followed by all students with access to the North Metropolitan TAFE systems or data.

  1. Training first
    IT assets and services are made available to students for training purposes.  Limited personal use is permitted provided it does not impact on training delivery.
  2. Protect North Metropolitan TAFE interests
    IT services should not be used in a way that could cause the organisation embarrassment or loss, or to promote interests other than those of the North Metropolitan TAFE.
  3. Approved components
    Only authorised equipment, software, and services can be introduced and used in North Metropolitan TAFE's environment. Personal devices can be connected to North Metropolitan TAFE guest wi-fi network. Students are responsible for the protection of their own equipment and software, and safeguarding the use of their accounts.
  4. Lawful use
    IT assets and resources can only be used for lawful activities, and cannot be used for any activities which would contravene any laws or regulations with which the North Metropolitan TAFE is obliged to comply.
  5. Report Issues
    If you believe or suspect that something is not secure, or you need advice please promptly inform your lecturer or other North Metropolitan TAFE staff member, who will report the issue to the IT Support Helpdesk.
  6.  Unacceptable use of IT services

Unacceptable use includes, but is not limited to the following. Students must not:

  1. Use another student’s digital identity, nor must you attempt to find out the password of another student, share passwords or leave your device unsecured. 
  2. Attempt to subvert security measures in any way e.g undertake any activities that could result or assist in the violation of any North Metropolitan TAFE policy, software licence or contract. Examples of these prohibited tools include viruses, trojan horses, worms, password breakers, network packet observers or sniffers. Examples of prohibited activities include creating ping floods; spoofing packets; performing denial-of-service attacks; forging routing information for malicious purposes; scanning for vulnerabilities; or other computer hacking techniques. 
  3. Attempt to adversely interfere with the operation of any of North Metropolitan TAFE IT services. For the purposes of this document, interfering includes wilful physical damage, wilful destruction of information, wilful interruption of normal operations, theft and accessing restricted areas. 
  4. Wilfully waste IT services e.g wasting network bandwidth by downloading, printing or sending large amounts of material that is not study-related.
  5. Use IT services to send obscene, offensive, bogus, harassing or illegal messages.
  6. Use the North Metropolitan TAFE IT services for commercial purposes nor publish or circulate information about other organisations via the North Metropolitan TAFE IT services.
  7. Use the IT services in a way that would be considered to pose cyber threat or social engineering risk to North Metropolitan TAFE or any other party.
  8. Intentionally create, view, transmit, distribute, copy or store pornography or objectionable material via North Metropolitan TAFE IT services. 
  9. Intentionally create, view, transmit, distribute, copy or store any information, data or material that violates Australian legislation (including federal legislation or Western Australian state legislation). For example, you must not view, store, send, or give access to material regarded as objectionable by the Western Australian Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Enforcement Act 1996 No. 40 (e.g. sexually explicit material involving children, incitement to violence, torture, and bestiality).
  10. Attempt to conceal or erase the evidence of a breach of North Metropolitan TAFE IT security.
  11. Allow your computer or personal devices to adversely affect North Metropolitan TAFE’s IT services if you are bringing your own devices to campus and utilising wireless network services provided by North Metropolitan TAFE.
  12. Leave personal information stored within North Metropolitan TAFE IT services after your enrolment ceases. You must make arrangements for its retention and/or removal as appropriate prior to cessation of your enrolment. 
  13. Use the North Metropolitan TAFE’s  IT network for the purpose of copyright infringement.
  1. Compliance
    To ensure student compliance with the Information Services Acceptable Use 
    Student Policy, North Metropolitan TAFE reserves the right to verify compliance to this policy through various means including but not limited to monitoring student IT service activity and usage, reviewing logs and engaging internal and /or external audit. Students acknowledge that their usage may be monitored. 
  2.  Non compliance
  1. Any student found to have violated this policy may be subject to disciplinary procedures as outlined in Part 6 of the North Metropolitan TAFE By-laws.
  2. North Metropolitan TAFE may terminate a student’s IT service access and/or notify the relevant authorities if North Metropolitan TAFE staff believe that a breach has occurred. 
  3. North Metropolitan TAFE may impose further sanctions, as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.
  4. Sanctions applied in non-IT areas may result in removal of IT services to students.
​Complaints  and feedback
Student satisfaction is extremely important to us
North Metropolitan TAFE values compliments, suggestions and complaints as feedback. We are committed to addressing issues identified in the feedback in a transparent and timely manner.
All feedback is used to maintain and improve the quality of our services. Your feedback is welcomed on the services provided by North Metropolitan TAFE, the conduct of our people, our learners and any services provided by a third party on behalf of the college.

Need assistance to make a complaint?

If you have a disability and need support to assist you with this process please contact the Disability Support Office on 9427 1314 or email

How do I complain?
If you would like to make a formal complaint, please complete the Customer Complaint and Feedback Form and return to the Complaints Management Officer by email, post, fax, or hand delivery.
P     Locked Bag 6, Northbridge WA 6865 
T     +61 8 9233 1182
E (attach scanned copy)
H    Client Services (place complaint in sealed envelope)
W   Feedback form
D    Feedback form 
Whilst complainants are not required to attempt to resolve their complaints informally, informal resolution is encouraged before commencing formal action.
If you are an international student, please refer your complaint or feedback to the International Student Advisor at: for review.
What can I expect when I submit a complaint?
Complaints will be treated as confidential and handled within the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness. All investigations and communications will be recorded and documented to provide a clear account of the complaint and North Metropolitan TAFE's response.
Find further information on our Complaints and Feedback policy here.
Your complaint will be acknowledged in writing within two (2) business days of it being lodged via the college website, in an email or as a hardcopy. North Metropolitan TAFE aims to resolve any complaint within ten (10) business days, however, should more time be required you will be notified in writing with a revised response date and kept up to date regularly on the progress of the matter. 
Appealing a complaint decision
You have the right to appeal a decision made about your complaint in the event that you are dissatisfied with the process or outcome of a complaint.
You can lodge your appeal in writing to
Should you still not be satisfied, the Ombudsman WA is the appropriate party independent of North Metropolitan TAFE who can review the process when a complaint is not resolved to the satisfaction of the person making the complaint.
As a student you may appeal if you believe that the assessment decision or process was unfair or incorrect. Information on Academic Appeals can be found below.

Academic appeals

North Metropolitan TAFE is committed to providing quality assessment to students enrolled in vocational education and training programs. As a student you may appeal if you believe that the assessment decision or process was unfair or incorrect.  

There is a $25 charge to appeal an academic decision, as per the Department of Training and Workforce Development’s VET Fees and Charges Policy. This fee will be refunded if the appeal is upheld. 

Before you lodge an Academic Appeal

We encourage you to:

  • Read the North Metropolitan TAFE Academic Appeals Policy 
  • Meet with lecturer, Head of Programs, Principal Lecturer or Portfolio Director to discuss your concerns .

If you are dissatisfied with the initial outcome, then you may lodge an Academic Appeal.  

As part of the Academic Appeal process you will need to:

  • Complete and lodge an Academic Appeals form with evidence for each unit of competency decision you believe is unfair or incorrect within 20 working days of receiving your result.

The evidence you submit should relate to the basis for the appeal. The table below provides guidance on the basis for appeal and what evidence you will need to provide.

Basis for appeal 

What evidence you need to provide

1. The assessment process
  • A copy of the Learning and Assessment Plan (LAP) provided by your lecturer
  • A brief explanation of  how the assessment differed from the description given in the LAP
2. The assessment decision
  • The evidence you submitted
  • A brief description of why you feel the assessment judgement was incorrect

If you disclosed a disability during the course of your studies and requested reasonable adjustment but this was not implemented, and you believe that this may have had an impact on your results you may wish to seek advice for your appeal from Student Services and Support

You are entitled to be accompanied by a support person in any discussions regarding your assessment results. 

Once you have submitted your Academic Appeal application form and paid the fee at Client Services

You will receive a receipt for your payment.

The Academic Appeals Panel will be convened to review your appeal and you will be notified of the outcome within 20 working days of submitting your application. You may be asked by the panel to provide further evidence to support your appeal.

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the Academic Appeal then an appropriate, independent external party will review the decision as per the Academic Appeal Policy.

North Metropolitan TAFE collects student information to complete the enrolment process and to maintain and improve the quality of the Vocational Education and Training System.  Enrolment details may be passed on to other Government agencies, or representatives thereof, and remain confidential to those agencies.  Students may also be contacted to participate in surveys, essential to monitoring the quality of service provision.  The Western Australian Public Sector Management Act (1994), the State Records Act (2000) and the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) apply to this organisation and provide protection against the misuse of student information.
Page last updated November 17, 2020