COVID-19 update

Return to pre-lockdown conditions

From 12.01am, Sunday 14 February all NMTAFE campuses will return to pre-lockdown conditions, as experienced prior to 6pm on Sunday 31 January.

From Sunday, 14 February masks will no longer be required to be worn either inside or outside classrooms.

Students and staff should continue to practise physical distancing where possible, maintain good personal hygiene at all times and get tested when unwell.

It is vital that you continue the use of contact registers located on all campuses to assist contact tracing if it is required.

As was the case before the lockdown, public or private events involving more than 500 patrons that require local government authority approval will need an approved COVID Event Plan as part of that process.

Further information, is available on the website: Return to pre-lockdown life from 12.01am Sunday, 14 February

Further information and assistance