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Install, Commission and Service Type B Gas Appliances Skill Set

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Be eligible for a Class I Permit or high level Authorisation from Energy Safety WA

If you have:

  • a current authorisation, or
  • completed the Supervised Gasfitter and Authorisation Courses within the last 2 years, or
  • trade or engineering qualification, or
  • an Electrical Workers License or Restricted Electrical License to disconnect and reconnect electrical appliances/apparatus

then you can enrol in this course to enhance your existing skills.

Our class I Permit gas course is the third course required to complete the requirements of the national Unit of Competency CPCPGS4023B Install, commission and service Type B gas appliances. You will cover design specifications for Type B gas appliances; technical submission, approval and planning a Type B gas installation; installation requirements for Type B appliances to meet the regulator and Australian standard requirements; and the commissioning procedure and commissioning of a PLC controlled burner.

Successful completion of the unit, CPCPGS4023B Intall, commission and Service Type B Appliance, will equip you to service, maintain, rectify faults, recommission, install and commission Type B gas appliances.

  • Access, analyse, interpret and confirm through a detailed site inspection, design specification for Type B gas appliance to be installed and commissioned
  • Liaise with designer and gas authorities to resolve design specification matters requiring clarification
  • Obtain formal authority to proceed with installation and commissioning before commencing work, in accordance with regulatory and code of practice requirements
  • Plan tasks in conjunction with others involved in, or affected by work
  • Identify and follow quality assurance requirements for work sequences
  • Prepare work area to support efficient installation, commissioning and servicing of Type B gas appliance
  • Observe sustainability principles and cencepts when preparing for and undertaking work
  • Install appliance components, including valve trains, burners and associated pipe work and flue systems, in accordance with approved design specifications
  • Install electrical components, including terminations, in accordance with design specifications and regulatory requirements
  • Install electrical wiring and wiring enclosures in accordance with design specifications and regulatory requirements
  • Visually inspect installations at each stage of work to ensure compliance with specifications and absence of damaged or faulty equipment and materials
  • Analyse flue gases in accordance with recognised industry practice and other authority requirements
  • Clean, check, service and store tools and equipment in accordance with manufacturer recommendations and workplace procedures

You must hold an Electrical Workers License or a Restricted Electrical License to disconnect and reconnect electrical appliances/apparatus to be resulted and issued with a Statement of Academic Record.

This course is run over 10 days (two weeks), from 8:00am to 4:30pm.

2022 course dates
Group 1:  19 - 23 September (week 1) and  3 - 7 October (week 2)

Timetable information is indicative only and subject to change.

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Semester 2, 2022

Midland - Classroom PartTime Category 1 I Permit Gas Course

When Semester 2, 2022
Where Midland
How On campus
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General $4,500.00 $0.00 $4,500.00

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