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If you're fluent in more than one language why not put your bilingual skills to use? 

The need for interpreters to help prevent misunderstandings and errors exists in sectors such as community services, social welfare, health, education, law and legal, and immigration services.

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PSP50916 AB68 Interpreting (Auslan - English)
Diploma On campus
Perth (Northbridge)
A000000, A000005, A000004, interpreting, translating, interpreter, foreign language, auslan, sign language, signing, deaf, hands,

Do you want to put your Auslan skills to good use?

This course has a focus on ethics of interpreting and concepts to assist in interpreting preparation. It is best suited to people who have some experience in interpreting and have completed a Diploma of Auslan. With this qualification and some experience behind you, you could find yourself working in community organisations and/or the private sector.

The need for Auslan interpreters exists across every sector including:

  • Health environments - assisting people with hospital appointments, clinics, specialist appointments, hospice care
  • Social welfare -  helping people access services at organisations relating to the Department of Human Services (eg Centrelink, Medicare, Immigration etc)
  • Legal - providing help with court appearances and documents, police interviews and prisons
  • Educational - at all levels of education, formal and informal.

This Diploma will specialise in Auslan - English interpreting.

Auslan skills are not taught in the Diploma of Interpreting (Auslan - English) qualification, so you will need to demonstrate:

  • An interview, prior to enrolment to assess your Auslan proficiency and
  • BKSB testing in Literacy and  Numeracy - you will need to achieve a level 3
EAB44 Interpreting Skills for NAATI Certification Skill Set
Skill sets
Skill set On campus
Perth (Northbridge)

Interpreting is a skill that can be used to help people across many community and service industries

Are you, or will you be, in an interpreting or language-related role in the workplace or community? If so then this course will help you meet two of the training prerequisite requirements of the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) Certified Provisional Interpreter test. You will be given guidance in interpreting techniques.

Please note, you must meet English proficiency requirements to enrol, refer to entrance requirements below for further information.


  • PSPTIS001 Apply codes and standards to ethical practice
  • PSPTIS002 Build glossaries for translating and interpreting assignments
  • PSPTIS003 Prepare to translate and interpret
  • PSPTIS042 Manage discourses in general settings

Please note: Successful completion of this skill set meets the minimum prerequisite training requirements set by NAATI for the Certified Provisional Interpreter test and is designed to prepare candidates for the NAATI test by providing information and training in interpreting techniques; it does not aim to produce fully trained interpreters.

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