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Surveying is well suited to those who enjoy a mix of working indoors and outdoors, have good organisational and mathematical skills, and enjoy problem solving. It is a physically and intellectually challenging area, with strong employment prospects. 

By studying one of our surveying qualifications, you will gain skills and knowledge related to producing maps and the analysis of geographic information system (GIS) data, using surveying software and collecting spatial data related to roads, railways and open pit mining operations. You will operate sophisticated surveying equipment to carry out survey projects and learn how to process data for computer generated drawings and plans. 

National ID State ID Title Qualification level Study mode Campus
EAA53 Geological Assistant Skill Set
Skill set On campus
East Perth
mining, fifo, FIFO, fly in fly out, geology, geologist, field assistant, fieldworks, field hand, site work, mines, pit, exploration, field ops, RII30515-SS-B, RII30515

Keen to get out in the field and find employment in the mining industry?

With this Geological Assistant skill set you'll gain the skills and knowledge needed to seek employment in entry level geological assistant roles in either exploration, pit or underground environments as well as other entry level mining roles.

The units covered will be delivered in two clusters or groups:

Geological Field Assistance (4.5 hours per week)

  • RIIEGS303D Provide geological field assistance

Field and Mining Techniques (12 hours per week)

  • CPPSIS3016A Provide field support
  • RIISTD202D Collect routine site samples
  • RIIEGS202D Conduct fieldwork
  • RIIEGS301D Operate and maintain instruments and field equipment
  • RIIQUA201D Maintain and monitor site quality standards

To have the best chance of finding a job in the mining industry we recommend that you undertake this skill set concurrently with North Metropolitan TAFE's RII305115-SS-C Mining Field Operations skill set.

Please note a compulsory 4-day camp on an exploration site forms part of the requirements for completion of the Geological Assistant skill set. To attend this camp you need to have successfully completed or be in the process of completing the Mining Safety units covered in RII305115-SS-C Mining Field Operations skill set.

We strongly advise that you obtain a manual driver's licence to increase your employability in the mining industry and also recommend that you complete the two day 4WD driving course North Metropolitan TAFE offers (RII305115-SS-A Operate and maintain a four wheel drive vehicle).  This particular course gives you an introduction to 4WD driving.

For more information about our Mining skill sets download our flyer.

CPP40216 BAJ4 Surveying
Certificate IV On campus
East Perth
TAFEADM, J354, CPP40112, TAFE04, Q000000, Building and Construction, Q000004, Civil Construction, survey, spatial, U000007, technician, surveyor, gis, geospatial, U000000, mining, construction, building, engineering, surveying, drafting, charts, mapping, CAD, computer-aided drawing, GIS,

Looking to build on your surveying skills?

Equip yourself with the practical skills to support a surveying team by enrolling into the Certificate IV in Surveying. This course is an ideal stepping-stone to further your training in the surveying and spatial information industry. During your studies, you will learn how to use surveying technologies and software to capture, process and present electronic data. You will also have access to surveying equipment in order to produce computer-aided drawings and survey plans so that you can prepare and present Geographic Information System (GIS) data

Practical skills are combined, with important analytical skills like maintaining workplace safety and developing environmentally sustainable methods. Our lecturers are experts in the field with close ties to industry to ensure our training reflects the latest industry practices.

Gain these skills
  • Operate survey equipment and software
  • Work through advanced computations
  • Use GIS GPS equipment and data storage
  • Create survey plans using survey software
Is this course right for me?

I have the following attributes:

  • Keen observation skills
  • Comfortable working outdoors
  • Able to work as part of team
  • Methodical with an attention to detail
CPP50116 BAI4 Surveying
Diploma Employer-based
On campus
East Perth
TAFEADM, J357, CPP50112, TAFE04, Q000000, Building and Construction, Q000004, Civil Construction, U000000, U000007, surveying, mining, U000004, geospatial, geo, gis, survey, construction, engineering, building, BAI1, terrestrial technologies, GIS, site, CAD, computer- aided drawing,

Extend your studies and knowledge of surveying

This course will further develop your skills by teaching you how to operate sophisticated surveying equipment and software for conducting more complex engineering surveys, including road design and set out surveys and more complex surveying tasks.

This Diploma has a focus on geodetic surveying including how to conduct geodetic surveys and perform computations. You will also develop industry-specific skills including how to design basic engineering structures and plan spatial data collection. A large selection of electives is available, such as producing maps for land management purposes, producing mine drawings and how to set out stormwater systems.

When you complete this Diploma, you will be eligible for an Associate membership of the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute (Engineering and Mining Commission).

Gain these skills
  • Conduct advanced Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) data collection
  • Setout surveys
  • Create engineering drawings
  • Perform advanced surveying computations
Is this course right for me?

I have the following attributes:

  • Good mathematics skills
  • Able to work neatly and accurately
  • Methodical with an eye for detail


CPP60116 BAH8 Surveying
Advanced Diploma On campus
East Perth
TAFEADM, J360, CPP60312, TAFE04, Q000000, Building and Construction, U000000, U000007, Q000004, engineering, survey, spatial, geo, gis, mine, mining, Authorised Mine Surveyor, Certified Engineering Surveyor, construction, building, BAH8

Looking forward to a career in surveying?

Learn how to collect and analyse spatial data for complex engineering structures, roads, railways and surface and underground mining operations.

Throughout this course you'll learn about the operation of sophisticated surveying equipment and software (including GPS) and the processing of survey data to produce computer aided engineering drawings and mine plans, building on the skills gained in the Diploma of Surveying.

    This qualification is required for Authorised Mine Surveyor and Certified Engineering Surveyor.

    Gain these skills
    • Conduct advanced GNSS control surveys 
    • Conduct complex engineering set-out surveys
    • Conduct open pit and underground mine surveys  
    • Manage risk 
    • Monitor engineering structures 
    Is this course right for me?

    I have the following attributes:

    • Good mathematics skills
    • Ability to work neatly and accurately
    • Ability to work independently or as part of a team
    • Good health and eyesight (which can be corrected)
    • A good eye for detail
    CPP30216 BAJ9 Surveying and Spatial Information Services
    Certificate III On campus
    East Perth
    TAFEADM, J352, CPP30112, TAFE04, Q000000, Building and Construction, U000000, U000007, survey, spatial, surveying, gis, geospatial, technician, mining, engineering, construction, building, baj9 cpp30216

    Set your sights on a career in surveying

    This qualification will provide you with the practical skills and knowledge to work with spatial data and read, interpret and apply maps. You will learn about safety, performing computations and the skills necessary to operate in the field.

    Gain basic surveying skills and begin an entry level job in the surveying and spatial information services sector or continue with further study in surveying at North Metro.

    This course may be studied by employer-based training or by off campus learning provided you have a position in an appropriate work place.

    Gain these skills
    • Work with spatial data
    • Operate basic survey equipment
    • Work through survey computations
    • Read and interpret maps
    • Workplace safety and the application of safe work places
    Is this course right for me?

    I have the following attributes:

    • Enjoy a mix of working indoors and outdoors
    • Good organisational and mathematical skills
    • Enjoy problem solving with keen observation skills
    • Reasonable level of fitness
    • Ability to work as part of team

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