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Get a qualification in a fast-paced, global industry that is constantly evolving. With our qualifications in marketing and advertising, you will get the communication skills required to reach global markets using media channels that are advancing by the day amid technological and digital innovation. You will also gain an understanding of consumer behaviour and how to sell your message in a highly competitive space to media-savvy consumers.
Our courses involve plenty of teamwork and creative thinking, giving you the opportunity to conduct and analyse market research, develop marketing plans for products and services, and produce promotional campaigns to communicate with the general public. 

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Qualification level
Study mode
National ID State ID Title Qualification level Study mode Campus
BSB52415 AZK1 Marketing and Communication
Diploma On campus
R000000, R000012, R000017, Marketing, Business, Diploma, Communication, Advertising, BSB52415, AZK1, TAFEADM, TAFE04

Advance your career in marketing through the development of strategic marketing and research capabilities

This qualification builds on the sound theoretical knowledge-base developed in the Certificate IV and expands your knowledge into practical skills and real-world experience.

Working with local clients, you're responsible for the account management of a series of projects, including building websites, creating persuasive advertisements for traditional and digital mediums, and designing and implementing an integrated marketing communications plan.
You're encouraged to practice soft skills like time management, interpersonal communication and teamwork; while undertaking advanced marketing tasks such as market research and analysis, evaluation of marketing opportunities and creative concept development. Gain confidence in public speaking, work with clients across broad industries and develop strategic marketing approaches based on research.
Upon completion, you'll be competent to work in entry-level positions within industry. Alternatively, graduates may choose to continue with tertiary studies at university, with the possibility of applying for credits/advanced standing for the units completed in the Diploma.  

Gain these skills
  • Design and develop integrated marketing communication plans
  • Interpret market trends and developments
  • Create mass electronic media and print advertisements
  • Plan market research    
  • Write persuasive copy
Is this course right for me?

I have the following attributes:

  • Good organisational and time management skills
  • Able to analyse and interpret information
  • Creative problem solving skills
  • Able to work under pressure and enjoy working as part of a team


BSB42415 AZJ8 Marketing and Communication
Certificate IV On campus
TAFEADM, azj8, bsb42412, avs4, bsb41315, TAFE04, R000000, Business and Finance, R000017, Marketing, communication, advertising, PR, promotion, branding, writing, comms, analysis, survey, research

Product, price, place and promotion!

This qualification will build your knowledge and skills to step into the dynamic and fast evolving world of marketing and communications enabling you to develop creative marketing solutions.

You will develop fundamental skills including market researchdigital marketing, communication skills, consumer behaviour, visual design and e-marketing

This qualification leads to a range of entry level roles within industry, be it advertising, research, digital marketing or even to start and grow your own business.  Alternatively, graduates may choose to continue with studies, transitioning into the Diploma of Marketing and Communication, further developing your skills by interacting with real clients and being exposed to more formal marketing environments. 

Keen to get started? We also offer this course online.

Gain these skills
  • Conduct market research
  • Profile the market and analyse consumer behaviour
  • Develop marketing presentations and positioning statements
  • Improve your writing skills and develop complex documents and powerpoint presentations
  • Establish face to face and online networks
  • Create visual design components and e-marketing communications.
Is this course right for me?

I have the following attributes:

  • Able to analyse and interpret information
  • Creative
  • Good organisational and communication skills
  • Able to work as part of a team


AE150 Operating a Small Business Skill Set (Fee Free)
Skill sets
Skill set On campus
Small business, massage, photographer, therapist, beautician, sole trader, artist, sculptor, hairdresser, barber, draftsperson, shop, retail, owner, builder, carpenter, painter, tradie, plumber, brickie, electrician, sparkie,self employed

This skill set is free for everyone

If you're currently operating or thinking about starting up a small business, or would like to get job ready for an administrative support position in a small business operation, this is the skill set for you! 

The Operating a Small Business Skill Set offers a fantastic range of skills and knowledge to get you job ready. You'll learn how to design and produce business documents and publications, digitally design and develop text-based documents,  develop spreadsheets through the use of both cloud-based and non-cloud based applications, identify financial requirements of a business including profit targets, cash flow projections and strategies to garner financial support, and understand workplace health and safety (WHS) legislation and its application to safe work practices. It even covers how to create and build a social networking presence using social media tools and applications. 

EAB85 e-Marketing Activities for Small Business Skill Set
Skill set On campus
e-marketing, e-commerce, marketing, promotional, advertising, Marketing, Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication

e-Marketing can benefit all small businesses, learn what will help your business

The e-Marketing Activities for Small Business Skill Set will provide you with the skills to develop and evaluate a strategic marketing plan utilising both traditional and digital marketing channels. It covers coordinating a range of communication, marketing and promotional activities using technology for your small business.

The course offers a range of skills to support job seekers, job keepers, career changers and small business operators and has been specifically designed to help businesses and workforces adjust to the changing operating environment, by building or enhancing skills and knowledge in business and technology to stay competitive.                   

Gain these skills
  • Plan a range of marketing and promotional activities
  • Research, prepare and evaluate an organisational e-marketing plan
  • Plan electronic communications to effectively convey marketing communication messages

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